30 October 2009

Twidling my thumbs

Twiddle thumbde dumb twiddle dumb twiddle dee. I am passing the time as I wait in eager anticipation before I head out tonight! Tonight, I am heading out to my all time favourite place for a night out, Pow! Well it is actually called Mynt lounge, but they call it Pow to, I dunno, spice it up a bit perhaps haha.

Nah, Mynt and Pow are COMPLETELY different nights, Mynt is on Thursdays and Saturday nights, with Pow on Fridays. Mynt is basically the shittest place ever lol, over crowded, you can't even get in unless your a regular... but how the hell do you become a regular if you can't get in in the first place lol. Dumbasses. It also plays crappy 'doof doof' music that I so heavily despise, however to give it one credit, the chicks are hot as ;)

Pow however is basically the complete opposite in a good way. Not so crowded, has a familar and usual crowd (I know at least 20% of the people there lol), and they play alternative music, sweet! I cannot tell you how good it is to hear some Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Story of the Year, Slipknot, Rammstein, and my all time favourite, Blink 182, while your off your face from your 100th beer, surrounded by some of your best mates haha, quite a night indeed!

Seriously how could you not love it, let me paint you a picture! Put your imagination caps on people! Out on the dance floor, beer in hand, its like, actually who knows what time it is in the morning lol, at least 3am, your with like 10 mates, and the DJ pops on some Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody!!! My god you can't get much more epic then that haha, the whole dance floor comes together to form as one, everyone throws their drinks away and runs to join the group, arms around shoulders are locked together to form a circle, and at the top of your lungs in your drunken state, the entire room sings 'HES JUST A POOR BOY, FROM A POOR FAMILY!', which is then followed by the classic head banging and air guitar haha =D Wow, big nights indeed!

It's such a shame I don't to get to hang with my mates very often any more. It pains me to admit that I feel they are slipping away lately. We used to be extremely tight, brothers in every sense of the word. There was myself, Karl, Jason, Peter and Adam. Absolute best mates since year 7, and were for many years until recently. Now I hate Adam, and even though I chat to the other 3 pretty frequently, I rarely get to see them. Yet I know they hang out amongst them selves still... sigh. Really sucks to lose your best friend, and can't even really rely on your other best mates either... and I don't seem to be gaining any new ones either. Sigh.

Anyways, time to get moving!

Enjoy your weekend everyone =D


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