01 November 2009

Sandwhiches, backyard porch, Macbook and Dr Seuss

The title paints a bazaar picture I am sure, throw them all together though, as well a beautiful weather night, 2 drunk friends, buzzing minds and a blogging vibe, and you get a good idea of what my night is at this current snap shot.

I am sitting here, sobering up, on Sabrina's backyard porch. We have just come home (quite early I might add, which is very unusual, but our ride home left early so we had no choice lol). I am hungry, but luckily my partner of the night made me a cheese and ham sandwhich, bonus! We are both sitting very comfortably, as I for some reason had a blogging vibe (hence my presence here) and Sabbi is reading Dr Seuss - Green Eggs and Ham, and to further enhance my night she is reading it out loud, woo! And what a night we have come from indeed =D

I won't recap our night just yet, as in my semi-drunkened state, I wouldn't be able to give our epic night the justice it would so clearly deserve. Zzzzzz.... one second I am wide awake and buzzing, the next I am nearly passing out from exhaustion lol. I am not as young as I once was lol, last night (Friday night that is, not tonight, which is Saturday night) was a HUGE night... way to big for my liking actually, but that is definitely worth a blog in itself. The ride home after Pow was SOOO funny haha! "Omg I dropped my chips, 3 second rule, 3 second rule!" However Sabbi's car is now full of Maccas chips lol! Funny indeed, but I will reserve that reminiscance for a seperate post, just thought I'd mention it here cause Sabbi and I were laughing about it lol.

Ah oh, Sabbi has just asked me a tough question, I better leave this blog for a moment and answer, giving my, well not full attention, but at least a bit lol. BRB!

Yummmm, this sandwhich is the best! Oh oops, am meant to be concentrating, brb again!

Zzzz.... boring question lol.

Ah oh got in trouble, "it wasn't a boring question, it was a serious question"... that's a quote as she read what I was blogging lol.

Ok, question has now been answered by me to a satistfactional level apparantly. Let's continue! I am highly eager to talk about my night last night (which was hilarious as Sabbi is reminding me of all the things I did which I do not remember in the slightest)... let me list some quotes of the night for a teaser lol:

"Damn this hat!"

"Your damn sexy!... relax it brightens up their night" LOL

"Omg omg wheres my hat, did I lose my hat!?"

"Get me some salt, quick run!"

Hahaha tears in my eyes from laughing lol... Sabbi can't stop laughing either lol. Good fun indeed!

Tonight though was just as awesome. I'd like to give a shout out to the coolest people I have met in a long time, Jenelle and Shaun! You guys made an otherwise ordinary night, extraordinary =D

Ok time to go, sandwhich is finished, Sabbi has finished her book and looks like she is about ready to pass out, and it is getting late. Can't wait to blog about my weekend (so far mind you, isn't over yet!). Got to mention about Pow (which was extremely eventful to say the least), have a review of E-Games expo to give, and then I'd like to talk about an extremely awesome Saturday night. Wow, how does this happen lol, way to much seems to be going on.

Night out for the mean time! Or, seeing as I have been labelled as 'mean' lately lol, I'll be super nice and sign this post out with a 'nighty night everyone, hope you have really sweet, rewarding and adventure fuelled dreams. Dream big, hope higher, the world is your playground!" Lame but hopefully it stops my... critic lol =P


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