30 March 2011

Hopefully not a sign of things to come

This my friends pretty much sums up the type of luck I seem to posses.   After my last post where I had exchanged some Australian Dollars into American currency, during in which I quote "it appears the Universe is also supporting me" due to the unusually high exchange rate at the moment, just one day later I hear this headline on the news:

"Australian Dollar hit 29-year high"

What are the chances ha!

Sigh, clearly however the Universe is not on my side, but much rather seems to enjoy playing tricks at my expense ha.  Oh well, I am in no way complaining, I still got an awesome deal and I am still extremely psyched that I have taken my first step =)

As part as my planning for next year I am constantly reading other blogs, travel guides, travel websites and random bits of googling to prepare myself as much as possible.  There is nothing more valuable than reading about other peoples experiences, especially when they have provided a great documented account of before their trip and then during it as well.

Thus far I have found 3 good blogs who's authors have done just that; traveled and blogged about it:

-soft nonsense is a great blog about some dude who seems at times larger than life.  I haven't read through all his posts but I have gathered that he studied abroad last year and blogged about it the whole way.  While this blog doesn't help me much in the way of planning my trip, it is awesome to experience someone's trip from start to finish.

-I have only just discovered Baybeetea but it sounds like this girl has been on a huge adventure with no end in near.  I am extremely eager to sit down and read her entire collection.

-And lastly there is 20-nothings. While on first appearances this looks more like a woman's magazine website (which it basically is), this author has been blogging for quite a while, during which she moved from her hometown to New York City, formed a career, and has now recently moved across the country to... California (I think?).  Anyways, it is an exciting read to track and learn from someone who has lived, explored and aimed high.

Whilst these blogs are great, and I am sure I will gain some valuable insight into traveling and living abroad from them, I am sure there are better ones out there.  Anyone know of any?

24 March 2011

My first step

We meet again, Blogosphere. Indeed I would hope to be seeing you a lot more often now that we are in March, and I finally feel I have started something that resembles a routine.  Work, sleep, work, sleep, weekend... blog?, pretty much sums it up ha.

Although in my attempt to become more immersed within blogging by finding more people to follow (as most of the people I used to follow are dissapearing... pfft, as if there is a life outside blogging!.. is there?), everytime I clicked the 'Next Blog' button to give me a random blog to read, Blogspot for some reasons assumes I enjoy reading exclusively about babies, families, trips to the dentist and cooking, so that failed.  Where are the other young 20 year olds also trying to figure out life? Not that there is nothing wrong with the more, matured, bloggers =P

Anyways, tangent aside, let's talk about... hmm... oh I know... New York!  Yes, that was lame.

After daydreaming nearly 2 years ago that I want to move to New York City some day, I finally decided that basically, why shouldn't I move? After failing to find a good enough answer I officially announced my new life goal the other day, thus it was time to begin my planning!

Today, I made my first step to making this... dream?  Hmm, that brings up a good point, what would I call this? A great number of words could be used to describe what this is, depending on what this, as in, moving to New York City, means to me.  Is it a dream, a goal, a timer filler? Is it just to prove something to myself, or to others?  Hmm, I am sure I must have thought of this at some point in time, but I am struggling to come up with an answer at this moment ha.  That's a little worrying =P

But that's a post for another day.

Luckily it appears the Universe is also supporting me for this trip, as the Australian Dollar for the last year or so has been at its highest against the American Dollar for decades, win!  This means a much better exchange rate then I could of ever have hoped for.  I had a strong feeling that the strength of the AUD wasn't going to last forever thus I opted to exchange the majority of the money I will be bringing over now, instead of in a years time when the dollar could be much lower.

So yeah, I was pretty psyched about that! My first solid step =)

I have just realized that maybe I should separate my New York talk from this blog, as this year will mostly be all New York based (well, yeah, wouldn't want to be un-prepared or anything).  Will have to ponder further!

09 March 2011

Moving to New York City - It Begins!

Update: In March 2012 I left my home of Australia and landed in Los Angeles, America, to begin my journey to New York City. You can follow my progress posts tagged with 'America Trip'.

Update #2: In November 2012, after traveling around America for 8 months, I finally set foot in New York City, thus proudly fulfilling what I dreamed I would achieve some day. Cool =)

March 9, 2011.  Today marks a great day on the life that is my blog.  Let me begin.

For quite some time now, which now that I realize is actually 2 years, I declared somewhat haphazardly that some day I want to live in a city.  Top of my choices were Melbourne (Australia) as I already live close by, know how beautiful it already is, and wouldn't be too much of a stretch, whilst the second choice was much more out there, the great New York City.

I would like to announce that I have now officially decided that I will be moving to New York City... woo!

Hmm, maybe 'woo' wasn't appropriate, because to be honest I am completely freaking out about the whole idea, which I guess is a very good thing considering hey? It would be much more concerning if I was strangely calm.

So, why New York City?  Or, to break it down even more simply.  Why even move at all?  Good questions that definitely need to be answered I would presume as a decision such as this should not be taken lightly.

In honesty, and this may sound stupid, but it really is a bit of a case of 'why not?'.  I am the type of person that is always looking for something new, something exciting, a challenge at every turn.  I get bored easily, with everything, with life, friends, my hobbies, I always need to keep myself moving forward.  With all that said, this 'need' to be forever moving forward out of boredom is also fueled by my biggest gripe and belief in life, that life is meant to be lived. I plan on doing that to the fullest extent possible.

One of my biggest fears of my entire life is to reach 30 years old and not be able to look back at my last 10 years with fond memories of countless and irreplaceable experiences. Now at a (arguably) young age of 22 years old at this moment, I do have quite some time before the big 3-0 I know.  I guess it would just be good to set myself up now. In other words, why wait?

So, that answers the 'why move' side of it, now onto the ridiculous notion of actually moving to live in New York City.  To that I say, why not!  It is New York City! Yes I have never been there before, nor have I even been to America for that matter (haha, I am not arguing my case well that's for sure), but if I am going to make such a bold life choice of making a big move, why not make it the biggest I possibly can?

The time really is now, and after first thinking of this idea 2 years ago, I am happy to hold true to my choice even after the many months of deliberation. I am only 22, single, I've finished all of my studies and another year at my current employment will make myself very admirably qualified in my field, and to be honest, besides family, I don't have anything what so ever holding me here.

Alas, there we have it, once I post this it is official, set in stone, out there on the Internet for all to see, a binding contract on my behalf to not back down and to make a promise that in exactly one years time, I will be posting on this whilst sitting in Central Park in the middle of New York City.

03 March 2011

Internet, on. On. I said ON!

This blog shall be revived from its depressingly comatose state coming this Monday when I finally get the internet at my new house... yay!

A new year means more stories, more decisions and more reflection, I am looking forward to it at least =P