11 October 2009

lol how do I get myself into these messes?

Haha, wow... just wow. This I admit is a new high for me, but certainly is not out of the ordinary to the normal shenanigans I seem to get up too lol... for people who know me personally, you will agree that I some how have a way of getting myself into crazy binds, but usually some how by the way of even crazier schemes, am able to get myself out of them again lol (most of the time anyways haha).

There are three of them to mention, and this is all just from today. One involves a dog, another a boat, and another is the result of me being cheeky lol.

-Situation one:
I'll start with the dog story =) Well, if you read my previous blog (which was posted just this morning actually lol) you will see that for the day I had planned on beach chair, backyard, coke, chips, ipod, art folio and art supplies, to spend the day finishing my art folio which is due tomorrow. This went great by the way =) It was really relaxing, I nearly fell asleep for a while lol, just daydreaming away, leaning back in my chair, ipod in my ears, sun in my face, a good day indeed. This all changed when an unknown dog wandered into my backyard haha! (My parents recently moved so their fences aren't complete yet).

I love dogs (well all animals really), and it was sad to see that this dog looked scared. It had it's tail between its leg, no collar, and was scared to come close to me. I persuaded her over with some of my chips, and before long we became good friends haha. Soon enough she was listening to my commands, and would even follow me around if I called her! (I didn't know her name obviously, so I called her Chelsea lol... she looked like a Chelsea =P). I ended up taking her for a long walk around the area, one in the hope to find her owner, secondly it was just awesome to walk a dog without requiring a leash =D

My parents didn't want a stray dog in our backyard, so kept telling me to bring it out the front and leave it =( I couldn't stand for that of course, so I made sure I was extra friendly to Chelsea as long as possible, giving her some food and water, and patting her stomach (it was sooo funny when she rolled over, wanting a pat on the stomach haha). I lead her to the front yard and I entered though the front door (like my parents had asked). Chelsea obviously liked being here, so she wandered back into the backyard and is at this very minute sleeping on our outdoor couch haha! =D

Note: Tomorrow we will put up some flyers and report her found, in the hope that her owners (if they are looking for her) will find her. But in the mean time we will gladly keep her around =)

-Situation two:
Now onto situation number two lol. My friend Josh and I have been trying to buy a boat off Ebay for a few weeks now (it was kind of spur of the moment really lol, I can't even remember how we got onto trying to buy one). Anyways we have been bidding for a while now but continue to get outbidded, but today we were looking like we were in for a good chance to win!

We were about two hours away from winning the boat, Josh and I were dicussing some details, this is where it gets messy lol, let me give you a breakdown of how the conversation went:

Me: Awesome it looks like we might actually win!
Josh: Yeah can't wait, it is a four hour drive to pick it up but its worth it.
Me: Yeah i'm fine with that, will consider it a small road trip lol. So we taking it back to your house yeah?
Josh: Umm no, I thought we were taking it back to yours?
Me: lol no, there is no room at my parents house, and I am moving out of my rent house soon.

Can you guess where the problem occurred lol... I am positive we had decided to keep it at his, but oh well. Now, we had put a bid at $500... and still winning by a long shot so we were desperately hoping that someone would out bid us. The conclusion... say hello to my brand new boat that we have no idea where we are going to store lmao =D

Well.. guess we will have to figure something out lol.

Situation 3:
I will have to do a little back story explanation first before you will understand this story. My name is Aaron (hmm you think I would of introduced myself in my first blog lol...) and I have a good friend named Sabrina. Now Sabbi has a friend called Cat who (and this is from Sabbi's mouth not mine, I don't know Cat very much) is pretty annoying and is difficult to remain friends with at times, thus, Cat isn't invited out to every social gathering Sabrina and her friends organize. Cat has realized from time to time that she has been excluded from social gatherings, and has reportedly at times gotten extremely hostile towards Sabrina and friends because of her feelings of being excluded from the group.

Now, for this week, Sabrina and I have traded phones lol (see Sabrina's blog for details here), but Cat doesn't know that I have Sabrina's phone for the week. Also keep in mind that this Monday, Sabrina is meeting some friends for lunch (friends who Cat know, but Cat isn't invited).

Cat sms'd Sabrina (who is really me) tonight, asking Sabrina if she can visit her NEXT Monday. I went to ask Sabrina what to reply, but I accidentally said 'Cat wants to see you THIS Monday' (which is the day of her lunch with friends). Sabrina, knowing she is meeting friends for lunch, said 'Say I can see her from 8am to 12pm'.

I replied to Cat with 'Yeah sure, what time?'. Cat replies with 'About 9am, do I meet at your house?'.

Now, here is where I thought I would be cheeky, I asked Sabrina via msn if Cat was coming THIS Monday...now I was referring to if Cat was invited to the lunch (which she wasn't), which Sabrina replied with 'yes she is' thinking I was referring to her coming to visit her NEXT Monday. (which, I had mistaking said that Cat wanted to see her THIS Monday, the day of the lunch, not NEXT Monday).

So, from that answer from Sabrina, I thought that Cat had been invited to the lunch haha!

So to be cheeky I replied to Cat 'Yep 9am is good. Also this Monday when you see me, when I am standing with everyone, run up and give me a BIG hug!' Obviously I didn't tell Sabrina I had sent this part hehe =P

My plan was that Cat would run up and give Sabrina a big hug (Cat is about 3 times the size of Sabrina lol),

Sabrina and friends would be 'wtf, why you hugging Sabrina??'

Cat would reply with 'what you mean, Sabrina told me to in her sms!'

Sabrina would be 'no I didn....oh' and realize that I must of said something in the sms haha!

Now... because of the mix-up between the Mondays, Cat wasn't invited to this lunch, so obviously me saying things in the message to Cat like 'when I see you this Monday' and 'in front of everyone' isn't going to make much sense to her lol.

Cat replies to me 'See me this Monday? What's on Monday? Who is everyone?' I read the reply a few times and then it dawned on me what had occurred! Haha oops! Uh oh, Cat now knows something is on this Monday! I confess to Sabrina my... accident lol (through tears of laughter mind you haha!), and I came up with a solution.

I merely reply to Cat with 'Oh, I thought you wanted to see me this Monday, I mis-read. Yep next Monday sounds good. Oh I meant everyone as in my Uni friends' haha crisis adverted =D So everyone at Sabrina's Uni next week, expect to see a big crazy girl give Sabrina a hug haha.

So that was day one of having Sabrina's phone, can't wait for what the rest of the week has in store haha!

And that my friends has all happened just today lol... I don't know how I get myself into these, and while at times stuff like this has caused me great pain and confusion, the variety and funny stories it adds to my life is just irreplaceable and I really couldn't live any other way haha =D

Enjoy life.


sabbii said...

if she doesn't buy it im gonna kill u aaron u you know that right!

but i still love u bbfl
i cant wait to see what happens with my phone and u next lol

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