22 October 2009

To blog, or not to blog?

Dare I attempt another blog, after my previous blog which honestly was just plain dreadful lol. I'm not sure why, I am starting to wonder if I ever will know why, but it has scared me that's for sure! Did I only have 8 good blogs in me and no more lol? Haha well, not that I'm proclaiming my blogs were good in the first place, but they were certainly better then the spew I churned out the other day.

This week has been a very trying week indeed... today, it is Thursday, on Monday, I had one of the best days I have had in a very long time. You would know all about it but it is 'under construction' currently, or perhaps indefinitely lol. This glorious Monday was then proceeded by 3 of the worst days I have had in years lol. Surely I could of had 1 good day, and at the very most 1 bad day lol... am I cursed to live a life of 1/4 good days and 3/4 bad! Haha, time will tell.

Not to fear my... 'followers?' lol. Hmm well, they are labeled as 'followers' on the Blogspot website, but I will use that term loosely as I don't think anyone actually follows these blogs haha. Well besides me of course, I am my biggest fan, go me!

Whoops, tangent alert lol, where was I? Yes, not to fear my followers, as I am NOT about to rant about my week (all my depressing blogs are behind me now =P), rather I would like to reflect on how much of a roller coaster life can be. Which let's face it, you couldn't ask for anything less really =). If I am to further stick with my somewhat strange 'life is a theme-park' analogy, how boring would life be if it was a monorail!=P

Regardless of what stage of the roller coaster I am on, I am usually FAR too carefree lol, which used to drive my old best friend nuts haha! I'd always reply in my typical smart ass tone, which he couldn't help but laugh at every time regardless of how dire the situation seemed lol.

"Assignment due in 2 hours... should get a move on" "Hmm... I guess I should start shouldn't I lol."

"Dude, your car is making a funny noise, its 3am... dude why are we driving through a paddock... I can't even see the road anymore... was that a cow!?" "As if I'm lost, Baz knows the way, the moon will guide us haha"

"Aaron watch out for the tram!" "Relax man, I know I am drunk, he would of stopped for me, I was miles away... who wants Maccas!" (He claims I nearly got hit by a tram one time when we were out in the city one night. He goes even further to say that when we tried to get on the tram, the tram driver went mental at us yelling 'that kid is a menace, get him off my tram!'... I apparently argued back claiming it was his driving that was the problem lol... I don't remember this so I am skeptical to count it as fact haha =P)

Memories =) My point? Carefree is the best! But I am starting to wonder if I still have mine. For the first time since... actually, pretty much the first time ever lol, I stressed about my Uni work! Along with other things I stressed about. Have I grown up? Hahaha as if! Phew that was a funny one... grown up, haha... funny. But seriously, I seemed to have lost it, hmm well not lost entirely, but close enough. Have I really fallen in line with society so soon? Am I even fun anymore lol? But alas, after this week, my eyes have opened perhaps.

This year has been I think, the most trying year I have ever had. I turned 21 this year, something I remember looking forward to back when I was a youngling. I always visioned... well I am not sure what I visioned, probably at the time it had something to do with parties, drinking, nights out with the guys, girls, cars lol... maybe I watched too many teen movies like American Pie haha. But I have realized, well starting too at least, that everything always works out in the end, regardless of how bad it may seem at the time. That used to be my moto... hang on, it still is, I say it to Sabbi all the time, I guess I should listen to myself lol.

I remember just after my big situation occurred, wow, I was a mess that's for sure lol. Which I guess is normal, and expected. Now that I look back I guess I reacted exactly how anyone else would of. I went through the typical 'I am never going to be happy again' phase that everyone goes through haha (at least, I hope everyone else does lol... no? Just me?). But I look at how things are now, at this very minute, and I really have no need or desire to change a thing =) Well, one thing I'd like to change, but we will see how that goes =P

I have been at the lowest of lows, and have definitely been on the highest of highs (sometimes even higher then that!)... the point to remember is that there is ALWAYS a high after a low, hence, a roller coaster (the analogy works!). I guess for the first time in a long time, I am actually looking forward to the future =)

In fact, I am looking forward to the future so much, I have it on a list! Well, by future, I mean this summer at least lol. Let me share:

Hmm.. some of them I will blank out =P

- Goals -
New haircut/style
Buy new drum set
Jam with the band
Record myself drumming lol
Create and host own website
Learn to surf (for the fun of it)
Suit up night (night in the city, in our suits lol)
Make t-shirt with my own slogan

- Shows -
Robot Chicken
Big Bang Theory
Drawn Together
Frisky Dingo
How I Met Your Mother
Full Metal Alchemist
Howls Moving Castle
Mr Hell Show
LA Ink

- Books -
Peeps - Scott Westerfield
Rangers Apprentice - John Flanagan

- Events -
Saturday October 24th - Phill's 21st / Daniel's 21st - Their houses
Friday 30th October - 11am GTP - Nanotechnology conference
Saturday October 31st - E-Games!
Saturday October 31st - Anne-Marie's 21st - Hall
Friday November 6th - Obsidieth's album launch - Pow lounge
Saturday November 7th - Jason's cousins band playing - Melton
Friday November 13th - Paul's 21st - His house/ Chris's Band Playing - Pow
Saturday November 14th - Peter's 18th - His house
Sunday November 22nd - Fun Run Geelong
Saturday/Sunday December 12/13 - MonsterLAN!!!!!

Now, I have a habbit (I was positive the word 'habbit' was two t's =P) of writing these lists lol... and the problem I have EVERY summer is that I go through my entire Uni holidays and don't even get half of them done lol. Not this year though, I will be blogging my progress so I can keep track of it more thoroughly... well that's the plan anyway lol.

Hmm, has my 'blogging vibe' returned? Or have I just rambled more then usual tonight lol... I am leaning towards the latter.

I think now is a perfect time to end this =) I could continue on, but I've got the mysterious lives of cats on my mind haha.

Summer soon!


sabbii said...

im a loyal fan excuse me. but as your best friend lol i have to be... nah i do it willingly

Out of Sync said...

lol, thanks Sabbi... I think! Anyway as I said, I am my own fan, 1 is enough lol.

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