17 October 2009

Late night update

Hello fellow blogsters, here is another to add to my very surprisingly frequent amount of blogs I seem to be able to produce lol. I honestly am going into this blog with no aim, objective, debate... basically for no reason, so lets see what happens lol. It is currently 1.29am, I have had a night in by myself, with my good friends Carlton Draft and Pure Blonde, they say hi! I'm pretty tipsy lol, I was super hyper before but is wearing off lol... now I just have a big craving for Maccas!

Sadly the Maccas near my house doesn't serve you unless your in a vehicle (trust me, I tried the other month haha, I was drunk and decided to ride my bike to Maccas at 2am, got to the window, they wouldn't serve me, so I sat at the window singing 'Your the voice try and understand it!'... sadly wasn't enough to get served lol, but riding the streets at 2am was great fun). Hmm, well I have some crab meat with me that I had a few bites of... but I could feel straight away that it didn't mix well with my previously mentioned friends lol.

Hmm, I can't really think about anything else to say lol... I've got Sabrina via skype chatting to me about absolute rubbish haha, which is quite distracting lol. Currently she is telling me that her teacher Paul (who apparently is a funny guy lol) has reminded her to hand in an assignment in a few day time lol.... riveting! =P

A few hours ago I was really hyper (it usually happens when I've got a mix of alcohol, loud music that I can sing along too, and the pressure of an assignment due in a few hours time haha) so I was really hoping to write the blog then as I was full of ideas! But... assignment takes precedence... apparently. I canceled on a night that I was extremely looking forward to for the sake of Uni, it better pay off!

Damn... falling asleep now, what happened to my hyper self! A few hours ago I reckon I could of wrote 5 pages haha, now I barely wrote one! What a disappointing blog lol. Ah well, will post it for now =)



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