21 February 2011

Life after graduation

My poor blog, it looks like it is fading away.  Know however that it is not from a lack of interest in blogging, nor is it definitely a sign of a lack of interesting things happening of late.  Quite the contrary.

Well the main cause is the fact that I used to do just about all my blogging reading and writing whilst at work... that was until my boss finally caught onto the fact that I spend a big chunk of my time at work watching YouTube, reading the news and blogging ha.  Thus, that has been put to a near end =( 

Since that day (about a month ago now), I have moved out... to a house... that doesn't... I, I don't think I can say it.  It is too dramatic. 

I moved into a house... that doesn't have the Internet.

*crowd draws in breath at shock*

So I can't blog at work nor home... my life isn't worth living... jokes lol.

Anyways yes, I moved house again which will make this latest house the third I have lived in since moving out off my parents'.  Each house has had with it its unique people, location and dynamic. This latest house thus far is shaping up to be the best however, the house is really nice, is fully furnished, and my two house mates are pretty awesome by first accounts.  Well the first one I have known for a few years from Uni, the second... she is an interesting one that's for sure.  I met her for the first time the other day, she stayed for about 20 minutes whilst she unloaded her car... of those 20 minutes I think she talked for about 19 of them and can breath and talk simultaneously ha.  Oh well, she is super friendly so I can't complain.

And that brings us up to date really... into my new 'post-University' life that I am struggling to adapt to.  Luckily for my I managed to get a job in my field of study in only my second year of my University degree, a job to which I am still at today.  Which... now that I write that, I am actually experiencing life beyond graduation, I have realized how lucky I am to have that.  Cool.

So, how is life now? It really is hard to say.  On one side I love not having homework, a standard and set 9 - 5, Monday to Friday work schedule, no constant deadlines, my afternoons (after work) free to do whatever I want (especially as I am single, young and living out of home!).  But then... I still find myself visiting Uni, visiting my old room and lecturers, signing up for research projects and becoming a University Orientation Host (where I just show the new 1st years around for a few hours... it'll be interesting ha).  And above all else, I miss the diversity University brings.  The new subjects and knowledge you learn, the interesting people you meet, the seminars, conferences, events, there was just always something new every week.

Something you don't normally get in a full time job.

But I guess that's life, part of growing up, sadly. I've got big plans this year, mostly to prepare myself of moving to New York (yes, that is actually happening by the way), but I shall save all that talk for another day as it is still quite hazy.

No idea what is around the corner, and that's good.

11 February 2011


Hmm, 2011 is already turning out to be quite an eventful year, and it has only just begun. Well... kind of 'begun'... we are February already...

So what's been going on? Well since it has been a while since my last post, I had to go back and read what I have done lately to refresh my mind.  It seems I was not in the best frame of mind a few weeks back... but all good now =)

And just like since the dawn of time, my dilemmas and drama over the past month or so was caused by a girl, ha.  You'd think after being with my ex-girlfriend for over 3 years, and my current best friend being female, that I'd have a much better understanding of how the fairer sex works... but no, it seems the opposite has occurred.

That chapter, slightly reluctantly but at the same time as a relief, has come to an end.  Time for the next one.

Also since then I have moved house... again.  You may recall back in March last year I moved out of home for the long run into quite an interesting house. Alas I am now free from that circus of a house, however moving out of it was definitely not easy... we had to pay an extra week's rent to gain us more time to clean it, we still have furniture and junk lying around, there is tables and chairs in the backyard... it isn't going well ha!  But oh well, I am out, my furniture and possessions are out, and I am into my awesome new house.

A house that actually has cutlery, and food, and no clothes on the floor. Trust me, that is quite an improvement over the old =P

And I guess that's about.  I am still in the relatively same position as a month ago in regards to not quite knowing what to do this year, but at least it is becoming noticeable clearer =D