29 October 2009

Missing the sound wave...

Omfg... yep that pretty much sums it up. Today I was listening to one of my new favourite bands, Funeral for a Friend. Hmm, I wonder if they are playing at Soundwave festival? You know, Soundwave, that awesome festival that is hosting some awesome bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Devil Wears Prada, All Time Low... oh yeah, did I mention fucking TAKING BACK SUNDAY! Yes indeed, this is the same Soundwave festival that I have been excited about for a few months now, checking the website every now and again, going on and on about to the guys at work.

You'd think I'd be organized and get what I can only assume to be a crucial item for my Soundwave experience... the fucking tickets!!! Now they are sold out! Argghhh!!!

Check eBay, as I was told by many. Great idea people, they're trying to sell them for like $250... I did contemplate it for for the smallest of moments lol. I guess it isn't tooooooo bad. My 'friends' who I was going to go with (the guys I was relying on to inform me when they were going to buy their tickets) aren't going anymore it appears (hence why I didn't hear anything about it lol...). But still!

I did have other friends going at least. Or at the very least, maybe I could be one of those extremely over friendly guys you see at events, where they are standing around by themselves enjoying the event a little too enthusiastically, joining into your convos at random, acting as if they have known you forever, and you think they have just been separated from their own group of friends, but after like 5 hours of them hanging on their own, you start to realize they have indeed come on their own, so you feel sorry for them so you let them join your group for the day, but then you start to realize why no one wanted to go with them in the first place because they are a little eccentric and at times down right strange lol. Yeah, I could be that guy!

Well, hmm, what's my options? Doesn't appear to be any really lol. This sounds as bad as the petrol station incident! Now seriously, is this just bad luck, or do I create these messes lol? I guess this time is my own fault lol... sigh!

Big Day Out festival anyone?


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