28 October 2009

Today was... eventful

Do you ever have those days where things go wrong... but not just wrong, spectacularly wrong lol. A day where every hour is an opportunity for something new to surprise you, where your scared of leaving your seat in fear of what is still in store for you (because it is never just a one off, it continues for the whole day lol).

Today I woke up at 8.30am, which was fantastic actually. Really got a solid 8 hours sleep which made a huge difference! Only problem there is, I am meant to be awake at 7am lol... out of the house by 7.30am to reach work by about 8.30am, so yeah, the day hasn't quite gone to plan lol. My stupid phone for some reason must be scared to wake me up in the morning, and refuses to play the alarm that has been set, why must you torment me phone? I take good care of you =( My mum, who also must of been scared to wake me, didn't think that it was a problem that I was still in my room at 8.30 as she left for work lol.

Slowly made my way to get ready (if I am already late, I figure I might as well take my time lol), and made my way to work. Hmm low on petrol, sigh, lets get some if I must. The days where I used to run the petrol gauge to the red are past me haha, even though I reckon I could of made it the rest of the way to work! Haha one time I went below the red just to see if you can, it goes way below the red lol, the whole thing is a scam. I put $9 petrol in, cause I wasn't sure how much cash was on my card, but I thought I'd risk, typical. Turns out, I had $0 on my card haha... whoops, what happens now?? I put on my persuasive tone and tried to assess my options to the lady at the counter... she wasn't impressed lol.

Ok, fine, let's hear my options. She goes 'you can get someone to come down and pay, or you can get someone to pay over the phone by credit card'. I stood there for a bit expecting some more viable options to be put forth, turns out that was it lol. 'Well, they aren't very good options, so how about I give you the option of, I leave my drivers licence, and will come back later and pay'. Seemed like a good ultimatum to me lol. She wouldn't bite. I then presented the theory of, what if I just drive away (it was only $9 after all!), she then says 'I can't let you leave, if you do, I will call the police and they will charge you for theft'. What! She is holding me for ransom lol! Is this even legal? By this stage there is a gigantic line out the door, which gave me satisfaction that I was inconveniencing her. It was the least I could do against this KIDNAPPER. I contemplated further about walking away, but didn't want to give her the satisfaction of calling the police. No other options left, time to call dad lol.

Eventually Dad decides he will pay over the phone via credit card (which he was not happy about lol), so I finally got to leave.

How ridiculous! Usually when crap like this happens, I try and take valuable lessons from it. What have I learned from this? Boycott all BP service stations!! I will gladly run my car's fuel gauge to the red (and beyond!) if it means avoiding BP, join me people!

I should mention here how awesome dad was, I can't even count the amount of binds he has gotten me out of haha. Locked keys in the car, lost in the city by myself one Saturday night, overdue bills that were threatening court action, once again he has pulled through =D

By now I am like 2 hours late for work lol, so I go to park at the car park (which is like 1km from work), and I usually take a $2 bus ride to get from car park to work. Well, it's past 10am, and I missed the last bus... I actually seen him drive away as I drove in, so close! So had to walk to work.

The rest of the day consisted of other small incidents... including retarted iTunes being highly retarted, and not burning my music cd properly, one that I was extremely looking forward too for the drive home! Stupid retarted iTunes. Why is it when you try to burn a cd with iTunes, it doesn't give you any progress bar what so ever lol? I click 'burn', then.... nothing, zilch, it shows NO sign that it is doing anything! Well turns out it was burning, just extremely slowly, but I restarted the pc thinking it had froze, so I only got like half of the first song written to the cd lol. Had that on repeat on my drive home... yep, awesome I know.

I am now home, a long day indeed. About to head to the gym soon yay. 2 more days left of work and then the weekend, which definitely can't come any sooner!.

Another day, another ramble, summer is near, the future is bright. Bring on the weekend =D


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