11 October 2009

Hmm, what to write about?

It is a bit of a problem when you decide to get a blog, but then don't even know what to write on it lol. I for some reason before I had a blog, could foresee myself that when I actually do get a blog, I would be easily be able to fill it up with pages upon pages lol.

Hmm, I say the word 'lol' too much, I guess that's a bad habbit you pick up from being on computers too much... damn, I was about to finish that sentence with a 'lol' haha. Ah well, it gets my point across lol =P

Getting back to my... topic, I guess I will just need to find my own style, flow, that the more experienced bloggers (is that the right word?) seem to have, and it doesn't help that the only pieces I write these days are either reports, or my wild ramblings lol. Maybe I should close my eyes and type away, open them, and see what comes out the other end.

I have just now decided to not try to make it flow or anything, but rather just be me =) So, good luck reading lol.

Haha I crack myself up, I just noticed how random I am at times... as I am writing this I have music playing, and I started off with a bit of Rob Zombie (Scum of the Earth anyone? =D) and now I have moved onto Taylor Swift (yes I admit it, I am a massive fan lol). But you couldn't get music any further apart! I think now some Taking Back Sunday - Error: Operator is in order, a band that I have only recently gotten really into since my friend gave me the albums.

I really love my beach chair, it is pretty fancy and futuristic, has a little fold out thing for a foot rest attached to the chair! Only cost me $5 too lol.. was meant to be $15 but the girl at the checkout, who looked like she was 10 years old, scanned it wrong, so I just paid and walked away lol. Today here is my plan, beach chair, backyard, coke, chips, ipod, sketchbook, drawing supplies, finish art folio which is due tomorrow. Shame that is isn't as sunny as yesterday though! Just for the record, I am not a proper art student, nor am I good at art (very very far from it lol), I am actually an IT graduate taking an Art unit in my spare elective, purely for the fun of trying something completely new =)

Hmm, speaking of art folio, I guess I should actually go do it lol. I didn't do none what so ever yesterday, instead I opted to help my parents in the garden lol... wow thats terrible, I rather help in the garden then sit down and do my assignments! See my previous blog for more evidence of my extreme case of 'Procrastinate-itis' lol. (It is a real condition I swear, with no known cure lol).

I have come to the end of my first meaningful blog, I guess I should feel a sense of accomplishment lol.

Enjoy life, live hard, play harder, stay truthful, especially to yourself.


sabbii said...

im sorry i overslept and couldnt help you with your art folio

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