18 October 2009

My apologies...

Already, I feel obliged to say sorry. My blogs have been rather... well I might as well just be honest lol, they have been rather depressing lately. This isn't how I usually am in real life if you ever got the chance to meet me lol, I always looked forward to having a blog so I could write down, share with others, and even keep stored for later reflection, all the fun and often completely unbelievable things that seem to happen in my life lol.

In a way I am apologizing to you readers, but also too myself. How do I expect to get back to the old me, if I keep reflecting on recent events? To live positively you need to think positively, true? Is this, right now, at this very minute, while I sit here (in the dark mind you lol, it is good working with computers as I have gained the ability to be able to type without the need to look at the keyboard lol), the life changing realization I have been needing?

Short answer, probably not haha, but it is definitely a step in the right direction! =P

P.S Sabrina snores lol.


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