About Me

"Those who follow the rules make a living, while those who follow their heart make a difference."

Greetings. I'm Aaron, 25 years old from Melbourne, Australia. I graduated with a Honours degree in I.T and after working as a Software Developer full time for a few years, I dropped everything and backpacked around America for a year, recently returning back to Australia in February, 2013.

Everything amazes me, I read NewScientist.com weekly and Wiki always finds its way onto my browser. That is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that life is an adventure, I love learning new things, have so many interests and always a lot to talk about. The downside? Not enough time to do them all.

There are so many amazing people in this world, some with their incredible creativity, courage, intelligence. Life can be so amazing if you make it that way, yet so many people live such bland lives. Thus I am trying my best to live as fulfilling life as I can by always being up for an adventure, saying yes to any opportunity, and constantly looking to travel the world.

I started this blog back in 2009, as I was procrastinating, which sums up my life. My blog has taken quite a few transformations over the years, documenting my achievements, thoughts and interests along the way. It really does reflect on my current mood and situation.

So how is life now?

My backpacking trip was... incredible. It has changed my outlook and perception of life in so many ways. Some ways I predicted, but the majority I did not. I predicted that I would get the travel bug, and that of course has happened, thus I am constantly dreaming of what the next trip and destination is. Life is more than bills, rent, and stupid forms to fill out!

This post sums it up quite well I think.

I don't set out to be a famous writer, or someone of inspiration. My aim with this blog is to document my achievements, to share my feelings and interests with others, and to share basically my little slice of this wide world that we live in.