28 November 2009

Holidays? What are they?

Uni finished a while back now, I think my last assessment was all the way back on the 12th of November, so technically I am 'on holidays'. Although I am a little confused as I am yet to see these holidays that were promised lol. Currently I am working 5 days a week (which don't get me wrong, I REALLY like my job =D), but I have noticed I have fallen into a bit of a mundane routine.

Work 9 - 5, Monday to Friday, then Friday and Saturday nights are usually party fueled chaos, followed by the weekend which is mostly recovering from the previous nights, and not really having too much to do as it seems every friend I have works weekends (get a real job people!). I crave excitement and I really think variety is key, so, what to do about it?

I was pondering this today, and have decided (some have judged a little impulsively lol) to go to Singapore! Sweet! Why? Because I can basically lol... besides, to that I ask you, why not? =D

Why Singapore you may ask? No real reason now that I think about it, I couldn't really choose where to go lol. I didn't want somewhere tropical as Australia already has world class beaches... and I wanted to go overseas but not to the places I really want to go to (like Japan, Canada) as these places cost thousands and this is more of a mini trip rather then a full blown holiday.

When do I leave? Well... annoyingly it turns out my passport has expired so I will need to get around to renewing it (such an inconvenient technicality lol), then hmm... whenever I want I guess. I am currently estimating end of January, there abouts at least, will need to squeeze it in between my list of events for the summer.

Currently I am going on my own lol... no one else I know is as spontaneous as me (live a little guys...), but my sister has shown considerable interest so heres hoping! But if I go on my own I am not too fussed, I quite enjoy my own company these days.

Exciting stuff indeed =) I have been spending hours looking up spots in Singapore to go, I really want to experience the buzz of the capital, but besides that I haven't really planned much... I am contemplating just jumping off the plane and winging it the whole week until it is time to go home lol. Sounds like an adventure =P

I will keep you posted on the mini-Singapore-holiday over the coming weeks =D

Live more people!

Plenty more fish in the sea as they say...

Plenty more fish in the sea as they say... problem is the sea is too damn big, most of the fish are whales, the nice clown fish with their extravagant looks are out of reach, and all the intelligent dolphins are being chased by sharks which keep you away, while little old me seeming to sit star fish shaped on the sea floor, just watching it all go by.

(I wrote this ages ago with no intentions of posting it, but Sabbi stumbled across it, loved it, and insisted I post it lol...)

21 November 2009

Ashlee Simpson

My god, marry me! Just then I for some reason have some Ashlee Simpson songs in my playlist, but I remember being quite a fan of the song 'La La' (was really catchy lol), so I was listening to it a few times. The thought that I don't know who she is or how she looks likes dawned on me, so off to my trusty friend Google I went.

Wow! She is an absolute babe! When I see her (in her less glamourised appearances that is... I am not a fan of too much make-up, elaborate gowns and hair) I see a fun, spunky cool chick, my dream kind of girl right there ;)

Excuse the absence

Well, guess I should get my act together and continue writing these blogs, would hate to fall into the usual routine I always fall into of where I start a new project with the utmost enthusiasm and dedication, but before long my interests waves, or I run out of time for it, or some other petty excuse, and yet another endeavor goes to waste. I actually have a folder on my computer called 'Projects'... it is where all my grand ideas for a project are born, stored... and eventually forgotten. I really don't think I have finished any of them lol... terrible.

One of them was a modification for one of my favourite games, Oblivion. This project I spent the most amount of time on out of all them (probably even combined!), I was really into it. I actually spent 2 weeks straight just trying to work out the maths I needed for it, then once I had that down (was some impressive equations I might add lol), I then moved onto the design part... then... I don't know, again like the rest I lost interest and it is now laying dormant.

Anyways, moving on lol... wow I ramble so bad. Sigh... got Peter coming over in an hour to pick up something. I've been asking for days if he wants to hang out, and he was always busy apparently. Now he calls me this morning wanting to stop by to pick up some cd's of his... I thought he said he was busy today though?

In regards to my first paragraph, I guess I have been blogging, just not on here. Lately I have been spending a lot of time out and about (the nice weather draws me outside) and I have been blogging by hand in my book. Yes by hand, scary I know! I had planned to type them all up while at work, but work this week has been rather hectic (in a good way though, I crave chaos lol), so I never got the chance. But I am realizing now in my absence my backlog of topics to talk about has grown further, yikes!

I had originally gone into this blog with the intention of discussing the results of facing 'them' (as you can read the pre-facing at 'The time has come. Step up'), but as you've realized no doubt, I just seem to be rambling lol, so I guess it will have to wait for another day.

Well... think I might end this here, I really have nothing constructive to say at the moment, plus I am dying to play my drums =D

I am trying to learn 'Circa Survive - The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose', damn it's a tough one to play! He plays at... well actually I am not very good with the theory of music, I never bothered to learn haha! I play for the fun of it, forget the theory =P Well I know he plays damn fast, must be 16/4 beats on the hi-hat, which I can definitely do, but he does it for the entire song! That gets tiring really fast. On top of that he throws in a relatively simple base drum on 1 + e, with a snare on 2, but since I have to concentrate heaps on keeping the hi-hats at that speed I struggle to keep the base and snare in time lol. I played for about an hour yesterday and made fantastic progress, can't wait till I get the entire song down pact!

Would help if I had some proper drums to play lol... my entire kit needs a make over... coming soon! It was either use my surplus of money to fix my drum kit, or fix my car... you can assume which one I chose, and which one my mum forced me to choose lol.

Alrighty, that's all from me for now. Time for drums!

20 November 2009

Rover's experiment

I am currently sitting at Williamstown Beach, trying something new. No surprise it has turned out into nothing I expected, but it isn't too bad I guess. They are really nice people, I just don't think I fit in very well.

(Picture taken of an unsuspecting me by Sabbi)

But I am happy in the fact as at least I gave something new a go. I should learn from it, try to improve and prepare myself better for my next new endeavor. Whatever that may be.

All these people seem to be a really close nit group, something I so desperately miss... some day perhaps. I will go to a few events I think, see if new people show, or I might fit in after all. I guess this is how it might be for a little while, I can't expect to make new friends easily or quickly, it will be full of trials. I really think a sport would be the best idea. They are pretty funny though.

I hate how quiet of a person I am at times, I wish I was much more social. In my mind I know I can be, but I seem to lack willpower and confidence. Something I will work on no doubt.

Again like always I am making no impression lol... meh.

16 November 2009

Insert blog here...

Start the blog, insert here...Error: Blogging vibe not detected!

Command: 'Manual override of writing blog'

Command accepted, proceed with blog...

As you can see from the status update of my blog writing program (BlogWriter5000) it has reported that my blogging vibe cannot be detected. This is usually a fatal error, which stops me from blogging, but I have opted to override the error and blog anyway. Hmm, some music will help... Circa Survive it is!

Oh oh! Circa Survive my many readers *sarcasm* are a fantastic new band that I accidentally stumbled accross, that I really can't get enough of at the moment. They are nothing to what I would usually listen to... they are, wait for it... mellow! Argh! But, to my surprise, I absolutely love them! In the chaotic life I seem to live, that chaos seems to seep down into my choice of music, so I usually enjoy high tempo songs that I can really get into, bang my head to the beat as I sit at work, or sing at the top of my lungs as I power through the streets in Baz (my car), and it is a given that the volume is to the max. Circa Survive on the other hand, while some songs are pretty high tempo, they seem to posses a touch of harmonics to their songs that sits subtltely just out of ear shot, but still gives you a calming, enlightening feeling deep within.

I have found myself on many occasions lately sitting on my favourite beach chair, ipod in my ears, sun on my face, listening to them and falling into a deep trance of sorts, allowing my mind to wander and the tunes to take me there. My favourite song of theirs so far is 'Circa Survive - The only difference between medicine and poison is in the dose'. Huge title lol. Pump it to the max and tell me what you think!

I am currently sitting on Sabrina's back porch, relaxing after my extremely hectic, tiring and never ending weekend that has just come to pass in hopefully a relaxing end. I'll leave this here for the moment until my blogging vibe has genuinelly returned, as I am struggling to think of what to write.


13 November 2009

The time has come. Step up.

Tomorrow, the time has come. I knew this was going to come eventually, obviously, but I guess it was just much more comforting to fool myself to think that, sure I have to face them but it isn't for ages. Well... that denial has come to an end, and tomorrow (unless I choose not to go) I will be facing 'them' for the first time. Fuck.

I have mentioned 'them' many times throughout my short lived history of blogging, never explicitly stating who they are, nor what they did, nor going into too much detail how much I have lost, rather just expressing the fact that something terrible was done that I have been dealing with ever since. I chose it be this way for my own reasons.

So, for a bit of a pre-facing write up, how am I feeling and what are my current thoughts? I shook my head even as I wrote that, as I know I can't provide an answer to that question... I think I am still in my denial stage. As it currently stands, I think I am finally getting over everything that happened, well I know for one it doesn't play on my mind very often anymore (got more pressing matters to ponder over these days...) but... you know... doesn't mean I don't remember it, especially because it is the sole reason of why I am like I am these days.

Damn my sister is awesome, hmm I don't think I have ever mentioned her on this blog. She is 19 years old, and in the last 6 months or so we have finally grown out of our childish war that seemed to rage relentlessly, and have finally become civil lol. She has become I must say, pretty much one of my best friends (wow, that sounds soppy lol)... but its true. I seem to clash quite a lot with my parents, and my sister sees this and feels for me, so it is always great to have what feels like a team mate in an otherwise sometimes hostile environment, and being similar in age, and way way too similar in train of thought to my own, she is fantastic when you need advice, company or even a bit of a ramble.

It is also good to have someone who knows of my entire situation, the people who were involved, and have someone who can shed their opinion on the matter, especially when it comes to times like now when I am unsure of what my next move should be. It also helps that she is extremely smart! We just had a talk about what I should do when I face 'them' tomorrow night... she said exactly what I knew I should of told myself.

Tomorrow I will be at a 21st party for a good mate that I (and Adam, the ex-bestfriend) have known for a very long time indeed. Now... I have been told by all my friends when they found out I was coming 'your not allowed to make a scene'. Yep, that's exactly what I want to hear... yes I know I have a history of making scenes, but you know... how bout some fucking advice and companionship instead? Hmm, actually, that was out of line. My friends have been pretty good, sure at times I worry if I can even call them friends anymore, but I guess it is just my paranoia as they do still keep in touch, invite me to places (although rarely, I guess sometimes is better then none)... Peter has even offered to drive me to and from the party which was pretty awesome of him. Sigh... who knows. Guess it would be nice to have some friends who weren't mutual between 'them' and I... but when you know them for freaking 16 years and 5 years it is pretty hard to have friends that they don't know about.

While at this party, I have narrowed my options down to 3. I can already reveal now that I lose with whichever one I choose... typical.

I will start with the simplest in my array which is the nice and often effective, ignore tactic. While some could argue this is the cowards approach (which I guess you could say, however hear the other two options then make your conclusion on which option is best), this has many benefits. My favourite part of this option is just that, I don't need to speak to them, sounds good to me! It is also the last thing everyone is expecting as I know they will all expect me to make a scene of some sort... which don't get me wrong, I definitely haven't ruled that out. Problems however include, being labeled as a coward (not that I ever care what anyone things... but it can complicate things down the track), not getting the satisfaction you get from being able to yell at them, I can't ignore them forever, and I also feel it could give the false impression that I am over the situation, therefore they might relax a little thinking that I am just going to walk away quietly, and everything they did can be justified, played down or forgotten...

This option is by far the most satisfying... but as always, the best things in life are often the ones that can cost you the most, one of those guilty pleasure if you will. It basically involves what I know everyone is expecting, for me to make a scene. Hmm, just to clarify, I am not one of those crazy guys that is always unstable, and people are wary of setting off 'in case I explode...', no, nothing of the sort. I was always, although loud at times, was pretty mellow and calm, no one has ever seen me angry in my life, hell I have never even been in a punch on before out of hatred or anger, not once. Sorry, just felt I deserve a little credit there... but whatever. Anyways, yes, creating a scene. While I would never ever want to hurt anyone, or take things too far, but what do you think about the idea of maybe a pizza thrown at his face, or a shove into the hedges, or maybe some sort of tampering with his drink lol. The ideas are endless! Justification? My satisfaction =D Downfall? Friends might think I have gone too far... or am acting childish, or a dozen other reasons they can conjure. So tempting, hell, I deserve some sort of revenge or closure of the sort don't I? Sigh... but it isn't the right thing to do. Fuck, why do I always have to be such a nice guy, it never gets me anywhere anyway...

After talking to my sister tonight, she has given me some wise words that I will undoubtedly be pondering tomorrow. I have already thought about this idea... it is my least favourite for so many reasons, but, while not giving me any satisfaction what so ever, will result in the most honourable and progressive (in my recovery) outcome. What about the crazy idea of me actually going up to him, and... in a civil and... controlled tone and manner, extend an invitation to chat. I have known the guy for 16 years (mind you, I am currently 21, I have known him for 3/4 of my life...). During this chat, I guess I can try to stay rational (without going mental at him... see option 2 that was mentioned above) and just yeah, tell him my side of the story, ask some question, possibly even get some long overdue answers. Fuck, this one just seems way to hard. What if he just denies it all? What if he even goes so low and tries to justify what he did (because in my mind there is NO justification you can possibly give... selfish and malicious intentions were the only traits I saw when he did what he did). I am already envisioning so many paths that this choice could take, none of which would end well for me... could possibly leave me even more full of anger then I have now.

The scary thing is, is that I have no idea which option I will choose, it really will be a spur of the moment choice, I honestly have no clue or any inclination on how the night will go. I am glad I have written this blog, will make for a great before and after blog... it will be very interesting how the night turns out.

Wish me luck.

10 November 2009


I am very lost at the moment, does anyone know the way? But, it is nice because currently, I don't care, so I will continue to wander around with no where to go for the time being... sweet! The reason I am going along this tangent tonight is because of how I have been acting for the last week, while I wouldn't say 'I haven't been myself lately'... because I have no idea what 'myself' means lol, I do know that I have at least been different then... usual.

Sigh... this is turning out rubbish... I can never ever blog unless I have my blogging vibe... which I don't have currently. A lot of the stuff I want to mention that really drives home my.. I dunno, 'creed' of having this blog to write down and document all the stupid, funny and down right unbelievable stuff that seems to happen to me on almost a daily basis.

I guess for starters there was one of my best weekends ever =D First there was Pow, which while wasn't the best, was eventful none the less. Saturday morning was blogged about so that was sweet (you can read the recap of Pow and Saturday morning in 'Morning ponder') , and after that, you guessed it, the powers of the universe made it happen, because then came Saturday night... and what a night it was!

Went out to a club in Melton called Q-lounge to see Jason's cousins bands play, the place was absolutely fantastic! I imagined it to be a small bar, truckies in the back corner... yeah thats all I can come up with... I'm tired. But on the contrary, it was up beat, great music, very lively, and full of absolute babes! Was fantastic! Was so good to spend time with my good mates, I don't get to see them very often anymore. I met a... 'chatterbox' girl called Jess, don't think I'll be seeing her again though lol.

Sunday I spent the day at the beach! Was such an awesome day, was hot but not too hot, the water was perfect, was just a really good day.

Sunday night was eventful as well lol. I have my favourite thinking and writing spot in Geelong that I love to go to for some solitude. It is by the bays edge, but hardly anyone knows about it because you need to climb down rocks to get to it. Problem is, I'm not living in Geelong anymore (for the time being) therefore I have decided I need a new spot closer to my Caroline Springs house. I went for a bike ride and traveled down some ways I have never been before. Long story short I ended up absolutely ages from home, and still couldn't find anywhere suitable. As my luck would have it when I finally did choose to sit down to do some writing in my book, I discovered that my pen had fallen out of my pocket... yep that sums up a typical day for me lol.

Anyways, on the way back home I stopped by a service station to pump up my tyres. Two chicks about 18 or so were already there with a bike, and with a car sitting behind them that had clearly been waiting for a while, which means these chicks were slow... great. By this stage it is about 8.30pm and I want to get home. I ride over and they request my help, one was pretty hot so of course I couldn't say no =P I pump up the front one for them (to their amazement mind you lol... these girls were absolutely clueless!). I move onto the back tyre and the dude from the car jumps out to hurry us up. He was about 28 and was pretty cool, wasn't being a prick about it or anything. I plug in the nozzle and the guy presses the button... the tyre was getting pretty full and I suggested to pull out but he insisted to keep going so... whatever lol.

Back tyre was finished, moved onto the front again (the dude reckons I didn't pump it up enough...), while filling it.... BANG! The back tyre had blown hahahaha! The girls, (who I am not kidding were dreadfully clueless about bikes) didn't register what had happened until we pointed out that the tyre was dead lol. I was holding in a laugh, and a feeling of regret (it was basically my fault, I should of pulled the nozzle out earlier) but didn't want to take the blame so I kept quiet lol. The girls were alright about it, and I recommended going into the service station to see if they sold tyre tubes.

Once they left the dude cracked up laughing saying 'those chicks were idiots, they put the PSI number way too high!'. He was deflecting all the blame onto them haha! I thought he would of blamed himself a little, or at the very least deflect some onto me, but nope, put it entirely onto them... funny.

Anyways I said my goodbyes, then the chicks called me over as I was about to ride off.

"They don't sell trye tubes, do you know where we can get some?"

"Hmm, I think Coles down the road might have some, give it a go. You girls all right heading there?" (It was dark by this stage, and I felt so bad lol).

"Yeah we'll be ok, thanks so much for your help!"

"My help? I'm sorry for popping your tyre on you"

"What? No way it wasn't your fault, you were a great help, it was that stupid guys fault, he kept pressing the button! What an idiot!"

So not only did they thank me, but they blamed the guy... which means they both blamed each other while I got let off haha! But I still felt bad... to make it all worst, turns out Coles doesn't sell bike tyre tubes lol.

It got me thinking though, it was so bad of me, imagine how smooth everything would of gone if I wasn't there. To sum up, I popped their tyre, got thanked for doing so, sent them to the service station to no avail, then I sent them to Coles which was about 1km away, which didn't even have tubes anyway, which requires them to walk even further back to their house, while carrying a bike that they can't ride home... in the dark! I was the worst thing that could of happened to them lol...

It was pretty funny though, and quite bazaar, but was just another typical day I guess.

Sigh... this wasn't the smoothest written blog I know, I am tired though and can't be bothered to spice it up a bit as I usually aim to do so... meh. I have got way more things to write about, I am actually developing a bit of a backlog. I have been pretty busy with work lately so I don't have time late at night like I used to, back when my blogs were a lot more frequent and meaningful. I hope that changes soon.

I am a little reluctant to post this... if you recall back to 'Unloading my mind' you will remember I have a... habit, of setting myself a bar of quality for everything I do. This blog doesn't meet that bar, but I guess in defiance to my bar-setting-ways I will post it anyway. Although reluctantly... with a bit of a cringe as I click the publish button lol...

Wonders how all this happens. Catch.


07 November 2009

Morning ponder

Hmm, well, it was meant to be a ponder, but I guess in my usual post-Pow state of mind, I am struggling to put together a sentence that doesn't sound like I am still drunk (which I'm not, in case you thought I continue my drinking into the next day lol. Also to clarify that no, I didn't drink to that extreme where I am still drunk the next day lol... well not this time anyway =P).

Need to clear my mind... it is very foggy at the moment, but I really want to write a blog as I had my blogging vibe (which is blasphemy to ignore)... more sleep would of helped!

How the hell do you spell... predujice... no that's not right... predujis... what the hell am I trying to do lol. I know how to spell it I swear, damn you brain, stop being sluggish! Ah, 'prejudice'... durrr... thanks to my very wise friend Google for the answer!

I find myself on this fantastic morning outside in my aunties backyard, sitting on the outdoor furniture with my feet up, just enjoying the blissful quietness of the perfect weather we have today. The sun is shining in its awesome brilliance, with not a cloud in the sky, and the perfect of slight breezes. Hmm, almost as if the world is retaliating against me, the wind has picked up lol, oh well all good, my mood will not be blown away (pun intended =P) that easily!

Going through the usual post-Pow recovery mode at the moment... Yay for music! Currently I have Paramore playing, great stuff.

Plans for today? Well, the beauty of my awesome job is I get weekends off, sweet!

Brb getting breakfast!

Back! Eating it now. I avoid milk after a drinking night, so I settled with a ham, cheese and mayonaise sandwhich sweet! I would of toasted it (as any sane person should) but I am at my aunties house therefore don't know how to use her appliances... I can barely use the ones at home lol. I have about 5 layers of ham on each lol.

Pow was a little dissapointing last night, but I have learned that it is not the organizers fault but rather the evil, old, out dated beings that sit at our local council. Apparently some liquor license enforcer guys recently told Pow that they must limit the amount of people they have out in the beer garden... so check this, we have to LINE UP to get outside... what! Sometimes it takes a good 10 minutes just to get outside... and beers run through me so by the time I get outside I am busting for the toilet and either have to stand there like a retard as I hold it in, or sacrifice my place in the beer garden by going inside. Tough choices like that shouldn't need to be made!

The music was great, a fantastic local band known as Obsidieth played last night and seriously rocked the place something sweet! The crowd got really into it which was great to see... I avoided the mosh pit after the incident last time lol... but was funny to stand by and watch as drunk people run head first into other drunk people haha! One of my good mates it turns out, must of been mosh pitting a little too eagerly and pissed off these 2 guys while doing so. I seen later my friend apologise to one of the dudes, and the fucker punched him! Well two of them did actually, 2 on 1, cowardly much? I ran over to jump in and they ran off... my mate is all good though, just sporting a black eye this morning lol.

Pow used to be my all time favourite place... I'd hate to loose another thing that I cherish. Well that sounded a little strange lol, it isn't the 'physical venue' per se that I cherished, but rather the combination of it being local (as opposed to traveling to the city every week), my favourite type of music and hearing my all time favourite songs (being friends now with the DJ helps lol, he always plays my requests!), a... well 99% of the time, friendly and casual crowd, heaps of old mates who are regulars, and a heap of new friends I have made during my years of going who I actually never speak to outside of Pow but am able to catch up with them when I am there. Yep, that sums it up nicely I think =)

It is currently 1.28pm, the weather is still perfect, what an awesome day. This blog has taken me like 3 hours to write lol, I kept getting distracted. Tonight I am out with some best mates, Jason and Karl, to see Jason's cousins band play at a pub/bar which should be awesome as.

Haha speaking of 'pub/bar' the other day I was chatting to Sabbi, and I went to say 'pub' but I accidentally mixed together pub and bar and said 'par' lol, then when I went to correct myself I said 'bub' LOL! I mixed them twice hahaha damn that was funny lol. Hmm, or maybe it was one of those 'you had to be there' moments =P

Lately at work I have been spending a lot of time searching for new blogs to follow. There are some classics out there that's for sure! Some people are simply hilarious, I really look up to those type of people as they portray some loose image of how life is meant to be lived, full of mischief and humour! =D Once I build a small collection I will definitely recommend some, I love reading about how other people live their lives, what fun people can think of, new ideas, their hopes, achievements, dreams, plans for the future. Not that I enjoy reading about other peoples lives because 'mine is so boring'. Not at all! I just find it interesting that is all.

I would like to publicly apologise to Sabbi for waking her up at 3.30am this morning lol, sorry! But to prove how awesome she is, instead of hanging up on me, she actually stayed up to chat, how cool! Although I use the word 'chat' loosely... as I remember towards the end of the convo I started to get really hazy and was talking absolutely rubbish lol.

"Tell her off in Italian" "How will that help?" "Hmm dunno, I didn't think that far ahead" LOL!

I might leave this blog here, I could go on for hours though! Really loving sitting in the sun with this breeze right now (yay for laptops!), got some Blink 182 playing at the moment also. Life is sweet.

Take it easy everyone! Blog more also!

04 November 2009

A quick catch up!

Today something possibly catastrophic happened... my main friends (who are friends with 'them') have possibly found out about this quiet little blog of mine... ah! Well I freaked out of course lol, as at the time I couldn't quite remember what I had and hadn't written about, and knew that if they read it, it would cause a scene bigger then any I could of orchestrated even if I tried! This got me spending a considerable amount of time (while at work of course, where I do most of my blog editing haha) re-reading all my old blogs for any possible incriminating slander against the persons in questions. Conveniently for me, I hadn't written anything too drastic (well, not on any of my publicly shown blogs that is lol), besides the casual 'I hate them', which I'd be fine if they read that =P

Hmm, damn I ramble too much... get to the point already! The reason for this quick late night blog is after re-reading my old blogs, I realized I never provide an update! If I had any followers I would assume that they may actually be interested enough to want to be updated on how a few of the things I have mentioned have played out, or even myself in a few years time might want to read an update in case I have forgotten the outcome.

Alas, I bring you 'A quick catch up!'

Update number 1: Chelsea! If you remember back from my blog 'lol how do I get myself in these messes' you would of learned about the adorable dog that wandered into my life when I least expected it. At the time we were unsure of where she was from or who owned her, but we were happy to keep her if her real owners couldn't be found. I can announce that this story had a happy ending, as the owner was found when we learned from our local vet that a dog matching Chelsea's description had recently become lost.

The owner was over the moon and couldn't thank us enough for the hospitality we gave Chelsea. Oh yeah, it turns out her real name was Sky, but to me she will always be Chelsea =D She was a breath of fresh air to my life, and I feel honoured to have met her, good luck in the future Chelsea!

Update number duo: From the same post as 'Update number 1', you would of learned about my... boat buying debacle... which was quite an experience to say the least haha. Luckily for my friend Josh and myself, we managed to get the seller to pass the boat onto the next highest bidder... phew! Imagine if the seller said no, we would of been stuck with a $500 boat that's 4 hours away, that had a broken tyre on its trailers, with absolutely no idea where to store it... which sounded just up my alley of adventure but Josh wouldn't have it lol, next time for sure! Oh by the way, buying a boat isn't out of the question, so expect more boat news in the future =D

Update number three: I was never sure what I was going to do with this blog once I declared it under construction... 'Insanely awesome day!'. It was a monumental blog to say the least due to the fact that the 5 or so blogs before it were somewhat depressing, so it was a nice change as well as quite a shock to actually have had something fun and upbeat to blog about. However, maybe it was because I was tired, or more likely, because I went against my blogging vibe (my blogging vibe is real I swear!), but for some reason the blog turned out absolutely terrible. It lacked flow, it became dull, it rambled... just didn't have that kick. I actually have a saved copy of the real blog on my laptop... but nah, I think it will remain away from the eyes from my readers, it's for the best lol. I do love the comments though, was a nice change from the usual isolation my blog seems to posses.

Update the forth: Back in 'Today was... eventful'... which the guys at work found particularly humorous lol, I mentioned how I have learned from that ordeal to avoid all BP service stations... I can proudly and rebelliously declare that 1 week on, I am sticking to my new creed! Join me people, the empire (much like Star Wars mind you) must fall! Join the rebellion... may the force be with you.

Update 6 - 1: As it currently stands from 'Missing the sound wave...'... it looks pretty likely that I am still going to miss out lol... the same goes for 'Missing the monster lan as well...'.

Update VI: And, extremely recently I mentioned 'Sandwhiches, backyard porch, Macbook and Dr Suess'. I said I was going to blog about my Friday night at Pow, my awesome Saturday night where I went to a Masquerade Ball, and a review of E-Games Expo. Sabrina did a fantastic recap of Friday night... and due to the fact I can't remember Friday night very well it is fair to say that she has done a much better recap then anything I could of stitched together haha! And my Saturday night recap and E-Games review are still to come!

I know I probably rambled a bit, but to be honest I just enjoyed adding links lol, makes it look much more in-depth then it really is =P

Update 53\/3|\|: It would be silly of me not to provide an update to my most dominant topic at this given time... my situation. I know I for one will never forget the outcomes of these, but I guess it is nice to amuse myself of the idea that people may actually follow my topics lol. In blog 'Unloading my mind', towards the end, I mentioned how I had the chance to face them for the first time. You would of learned no doubt that I chose not to face them... cowardly I know. In honesty I look back now and do regret it, it was the perfect setting, time... it is never going to be easy I know, but it needs to be done. Still hurts like hell though lol. To bring you up to speed, I am still yet to see them... but wait a minute and give me some credit before you jump to unjust conclusions! I haven't not seen them out of fear or avoidance, it has legitimately been due to the fact that there hasn't been an occasion for me to do so. This is changing, next Friday to be exact, where I as well as 'them'... will be present within the same facility. That event will obviously require a separate updating blog of its own, but I wanted to give this small... sneak peak if you will. It also helps to write it down, doing so brings me back to reality that it will happen regardless of what I do or say.

In summary I would also like to mention that my blog will be undergoing some changes over the next 2 weeks. For starters I want to add more pictures as walls of unbroken text isn't very appealing (thanks Martyn for pointing that out!). I will also be changing what I blog about which is in direct correlation to the fact that I myself have changed a lot over the last few weeks. My blogs have been quite a bit more light heartened (even with the string of bad luck and events that have occurred lately lol) which is a fantastic sign of the changing times =D

Which brings me to the finale of updates: When will the old me start to return?.. as first mentioned in 'Unknown'... I think he moved in down the street ;) Not long now!

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them!

01 November 2009

Sandwhiches, backyard porch, Macbook and Dr Seuss

The title paints a bazaar picture I am sure, throw them all together though, as well a beautiful weather night, 2 drunk friends, buzzing minds and a blogging vibe, and you get a good idea of what my night is at this current snap shot.

I am sitting here, sobering up, on Sabrina's backyard porch. We have just come home (quite early I might add, which is very unusual, but our ride home left early so we had no choice lol). I am hungry, but luckily my partner of the night made me a cheese and ham sandwhich, bonus! We are both sitting very comfortably, as I for some reason had a blogging vibe (hence my presence here) and Sabbi is reading Dr Seuss - Green Eggs and Ham, and to further enhance my night she is reading it out loud, woo! And what a night we have come from indeed =D

I won't recap our night just yet, as in my semi-drunkened state, I wouldn't be able to give our epic night the justice it would so clearly deserve. Zzzzzz.... one second I am wide awake and buzzing, the next I am nearly passing out from exhaustion lol. I am not as young as I once was lol, last night (Friday night that is, not tonight, which is Saturday night) was a HUGE night... way to big for my liking actually, but that is definitely worth a blog in itself. The ride home after Pow was SOOO funny haha! "Omg I dropped my chips, 3 second rule, 3 second rule!" However Sabbi's car is now full of Maccas chips lol! Funny indeed, but I will reserve that reminiscance for a seperate post, just thought I'd mention it here cause Sabbi and I were laughing about it lol.

Ah oh, Sabbi has just asked me a tough question, I better leave this blog for a moment and answer, giving my, well not full attention, but at least a bit lol. BRB!

Yummmm, this sandwhich is the best! Oh oops, am meant to be concentrating, brb again!

Zzzz.... boring question lol.

Ah oh got in trouble, "it wasn't a boring question, it was a serious question"... that's a quote as she read what I was blogging lol.

Ok, question has now been answered by me to a satistfactional level apparantly. Let's continue! I am highly eager to talk about my night last night (which was hilarious as Sabbi is reminding me of all the things I did which I do not remember in the slightest)... let me list some quotes of the night for a teaser lol:

"Damn this hat!"

"Your damn sexy!... relax it brightens up their night" LOL

"Omg omg wheres my hat, did I lose my hat!?"

"Get me some salt, quick run!"

Hahaha tears in my eyes from laughing lol... Sabbi can't stop laughing either lol. Good fun indeed!

Tonight though was just as awesome. I'd like to give a shout out to the coolest people I have met in a long time, Jenelle and Shaun! You guys made an otherwise ordinary night, extraordinary =D

Ok time to go, sandwhich is finished, Sabbi has finished her book and looks like she is about ready to pass out, and it is getting late. Can't wait to blog about my weekend (so far mind you, isn't over yet!). Got to mention about Pow (which was extremely eventful to say the least), have a review of E-Games expo to give, and then I'd like to talk about an extremely awesome Saturday night. Wow, how does this happen lol, way to much seems to be going on.

Night out for the mean time! Or, seeing as I have been labelled as 'mean' lately lol, I'll be super nice and sign this post out with a 'nighty night everyone, hope you have really sweet, rewarding and adventure fuelled dreams. Dream big, hope higher, the world is your playground!" Lame but hopefully it stops my... critic lol =P