Life List

Here is a constantly evolving list of all the things I'd like to accomplish in the near future. I have always had the ambition to make it big with my life, and to be able to look back when I am 30 and be proud of what I have done. In other words, I don't want to grow up to be boring with no stories to tell!

Completed - Click the blue text to see the report
In Progress

- Get a tattoo (Completed 02/2012)
- Donate blood
- Do some volunteer work (Completed 10/2011)
- Write an article and get it published in a newspaper/magazine/website
- Collect all (1 to 14) Final Fantasy games for the Sony Playstation
- Take a First Aid course
- Catch a fish and cook it for dinner
- Write a letter to my favourite author
- Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day
- Swim with a whale

- Leave a ridiculously large tip randomly for a waiter
- Bake a cake from scratch
- Appear on TV
- Design my own t-shirt and wear it
- View a house I clearly cannot afford
- Be an extra in a movie/TV show
- Go to a public place in the middle of the day in my pajamas
- Brew and bottle my own beer
- Compete in a national Rock, Paper, Scissors championships
- Take a photography class
- Take a cooking class
- Take some dance lessons (Completed 12/2012)
- Participate in the 4am Project
- Take a yoga class (Completed)
- Ask a stranger on a date
- Swim with dolphins
- Go sailing
- Fly in a hot air balloon
- Learn to surf
- Sing karaoke (Completed 06/2011)

- Reach 70kg through muscle gain (63kg/70kg)
- Ride 5km three times a week for a month
- Run 3km three times a week for a month
- Become a vegan for 2 weeks
- Avoid all bad food for a whole month
- Take a personal trainer course
- Complete the 200 sit-ups challenge
- Complete the 100 push-ups challenge

- Try living in New York City for at least 2 months (Completed)
- Travel overseas alone (Completed)
- Get a job overseas (Completed)
- Ride a Bullet Train
- Go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef (Completed 03/2010)
- Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
- Go on a cruise ship (Completed 04/2010)
- Make a new friend while overseas that I keep in-touch with (Completed)
Travel to:
- Japan
- China (Completed 11/2011)
- America (Completed 2011 - 2012)
- Singapore
- Hong Kong
- Germany
- Switzerland
- Thailand (Completed 06/2010)
- Vanuatu (Completed 04/2010)
- France
- Taiwan
- Visit every state of Australia (5/7)

- Museum of Natural History, America (Completed 11/2012)
- Smithsonian Museum, America (Completed 03/2013)
- Central Park, America (Completed)
- Grand Canyon, America (Completed 06/2012)
- Yosemite National Park, America
- Forbidden City, China (Completed 11/2011)
- The Great Wall of China, China (Completed 11/2011)
- Oktoberfest, Germany
- An active glacier, Anywhere
- An active volcano, Anywhere

- Record myself playing drum covers to 5 of my favourite songs
- Learn to play 10 songs on the Keyboard (1/10)

- Reach 25 followers (Completed 11/2011)
- Reach 50 followers
- Reach 100 followers
- Continue this blog until 2012 (Completed)
- Continue this blog until 2013 (Completed)
- Continue this blog until 2014
- Have someone guest post
- Create a new banner
- Create a new background image
- Register for a URL (Completed)

...Life Goals...
- Publish a book
- Sell my beloved car, Baz
- Learn another language
- Graduate from University with a Honours/Masters degree (Completed 12/2010)
- Buy an investment property
- Buy a really old, neglected house, and fix it up like new
- Get married