29 October 2009

Missing the monster lan as well...

Can my day get any worst... hmm don't answer that lol. In a few months time is one event that I have been looking forward to all year. It basically breaths epicness and win, you'd be hard pressed to find so much awesomeness in the one place, the mecha of my gaming calender.... MonsterLan! What is that you may ask? Well if you have to ask such a question, my answer to you is that you are indeed an idiot, however I will answer anyway.

MonsterLan is a gathering of about 200 people at the Geelong Arena, where each brings their own computer. For like $15 you gain entry where you can network with the other 200 people, and from Saturday mid day to Sunday mid day you play games (both for fun and within competitions), swap files (ANY file you can think of, seriously lol) and chat to fellow nerds to your hearts content... damn awesome I know lol =P

Alas, the world mocks me, and for the second time today my hopes and, dare I say, dreams, have been crushed lol. It happens to fall on the weekend that one of my best mates is having his 21st... what are the chances! I proposed the solution that I can skype from MonsterLan to the party, which he replied with 'your an idiot', so I got the feeling he wasn't too keen on that idea lol. Well he is actually having two 21st's, one at his mum's the previous weekend, and then the next weekend one at his dad's house. No Aaron, wheres your loyalty! Damn consciousness, I shall go to both.

I tell you what I've noticed lately (in light of missing Soundwave, and the petrol station incident, and a few other incidents that I haven't blogged about)... is it just me, or do I seem more retarded lately then usual? Seriously I am beginning to wonder! I mentioned this to Sabbi, but she is far too nice to tell me the truth, and said I am being silly. Your biased Sabrina =P My other friend claims he has been retarded lately also, and blames it on the weather. The weather?? But it's summer! The best time of year! I would of thought I would of been at my prime! Then something dawned on me... maybe I am always this retarded, but have only just noticed? Its a possibility lol. Another proposal was that retardness is contagious... I wonder whom I caught it off? Too many candidates to consider =P

Off to dinner tonight with some mates, that should be good. And once again, the weekend is that little bit closer, soooweeeet!

I should probably end this with some line like I usually end my blogs with lol... but it is a long day at work, with 25minutes till home time, my mind is far too sleepy to do so. Today was a great day at work, we spent an hour debating the effects and consequences of time travel, but the conversation quickly became mind boggling, there is just too many things to consider! If I were to go back in time and change some events, would my future self be aware of those events? Cause technically I was there! Although it was before I was born mind you. This is basically how the conversation went lol, great fun!

Umm, yes... the end.


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