30 January 2010


Queensland is booked! As part of my sisters extremely late 18th and 19th birthday present, and Christmas presents that I have missed over the last few years, I have combined them all into one to form a very late but really awesome present of paying for her trip to Queensland =)

Also, believe it or not, I have silenced my critics and have managed to have it all booked and organized an entire month before we plan to go... I am on fire!  It will just be my sister and myself going for a small 5 day trip staying at Port Douglas (Cairns, Queensland, Australia) which is right by the sea and the closest point you can be to the Great Barrier Reef =D

We managed to secure a package which includes a full day trip to the reef, and another full day of a rain forest trek and crocodile spotting tour, sweet indeed.  It is booked for the 26th of this month which is one week before we go back to Uni so it will make for a perfect getaway before the working year begins.

I end this with an open suggestion, nay, a challenge, nay, a demand for you, the reader, to book yourself a holiday of any kind.  No no noooooo... stop with the excuses, I don't care that you have work and 'can't just take some days off' or 'I can't afford to right now, maybe mid year'... to that I say phooey! (I was surprised spell checker passed phooey as a word lol).

It only costs like $100 for a 3 day camping trip or a stay at a caravan by the beach... take a Monday off, set off Friday night or Saturday morning and there you have it, a few days that barely disrupts your life but can improve it in countless ways.

Work to live, don't live to work!

I expect to be reading about your awesome holidays soon =)


sabbii said...

Dont forget to wear that awesome shirt lol.
Stay safe, make sure no crocodile bites your foot off :P

Ca88andra said...

I am so jealous! Queensland is lovely.

Out of Sync said...

Sabbi - lol don't worry, the shirt, pants, socks and hat will definitely be making an appearance!

Ca88andra - Well now it's your turn to make me jealous by telling us about YOUR holiday you have planned just now to go on =P

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