08 January 2010

I'm famous!

You read correct my friends, yours truly is now moments away from sure stardom! Finally.  Martyn, one of my work colleagues, was busy... doing stuff other then work, and was on the Hamish and Andy website only to find this amazing discovery.

You'll probably have to expand the image to be able to view the full magnitude of the sheer amazement that is my sudden thrust it the spotlight of the world.  Once viewed you will no doubt notice (and I have circled it in red to speed up the amount of time for you guys to realize my glory) the grinning idiotic face which symbolizes my Facebook page =D

I am expecting the friend requests to flood in any minute now.  I won't accept them straight away of course, will leave it for a few days, keep them guessing and intrigued.

Now what are the chances that out of 564,320 fans that Hamish and Andy have, that my sorry excuse for a Facebook profile image would be showing!? (564,320 - 6) = a 1 in 564,324 chance!  And that's not even taking into account that someone I know would have noticed it, let alone the guy who is sitting mere meters away from me at the time of the discovery.

I am not good enough at maths to work out those odds, but it seems like it would be a 1 in a-big-number-with-lots-of-0's chance.

Therefore I have come to the conclusion that clearly this was not chance and was indeed a deliberate act... maybe I am a celebrity and I didn't even know it?  Well I do have 4 followers who I am sure follow my every move, one of them may even be a crazed fanatic stalking me!?  That would really make me a celebrity =D

Hmm, I might have to start wearing sunglasses at all times, don't want those paparazzi to find me too easily.   What about this blog!  They might find out about it... those news reporters are pretty resourceful... they're probably interviewing my ex-gf right now to get all the dirt.  Is it even safe to go outside anymore?  Maybe I need to hire some bodyguards?  I think I need to hurry up and actually act like a celebrity should... I need to have a secret affair with supermodels from around the world, which should lead to a domestic dispute that results in me getting hit by a golf club by my wife, crashing into a tree outside my home at 2am, with said wife then divorcing me... but I don't even have a wife yet!

Yikes, being a celebrity sounds tough... and dangerous.

Not to worry though, as if I could ever forget my loyal followers (yes, all 4 of you) as I am off jetting around the world.  Expect to see more from me (possibly from the front page of the nations newspapers), and I will see you on the other side!


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