27 January 2010

Escape from Surfmoot - A day away didn't help

This is part two of my trilogy about my experience at Surfmoot.  We pick off from me not being able to sleep until 5am but planned to sleep in until 10am at the very least... you can see the first part of this trilogy here =)

Well waking up at 10am was the plan anyway... but at 8.30am an announcement came on which woke us all up.  Not happy!  Being woken up at 8.30am on a Sunday meant I had only gotten 3.5 hours sleep... I was close to crying lol.  Already I wanted to go home but figured I could stick it out for one more night (we had paid to be here after all)... so Sabbi and I made plans to leave camp for the entire day in an effort to avoid our crew.

I got out of bed to the sounds of sticks being thrown at our tent... it was Daniel.  Hilarious stuff buddy.  I made general chit chat as I knew staying on his good side would be a much smarter idea then getting on his bad... however in my hazy state of mind from my severe lack of sleep I may have for some very stupid and regrettable reason asked him if he want to come to the beach with us...

"Hmm, yeah the beach could be fun actually, alright wait a bit I'll grab my stuff"

"Ok cool" I had yet to the realize the multitude of what I had just said... that was until I turned around and seen Sabbi giving me a 'what the fuck are you doing???' look, that's when it clicked... whoops!

"Oh, umm, well, actually we need to do some other stuff besides the beach so it probably won't be much fun for you now that I think about it"

"Oh yeah, like what?"

"Umm, have to... visit... my Aunty, she lives near by, whole family will be there"

"I could just hang out in town while you do that"

Damn, it looks like he is coming!  At this stage I am panicking, trying to think of any excuse to get rid of him but without making it too obvious, but I was far too tired... my brain was mush.

"Actually, nah, can't be bothered actually, think I will just sit here for the day"

"Oh, ok then, well umm, let us know if you change your mind"


We hurried off at pace to our car.

We decided though that Monday morning we were going to leave, we just couldn't bare hanging around with these people any longer so in the morning we brought a few of our bags back to the car (without anyone noticing of course), with the plan to leave only the essentials back at the tent.

The day actually turned out fantastic =)  We went into Anglesea (the near by town), had some breakfast and then went canoeing! Haha that was so much fun, we were allowed to go anywhere along the river but had a time limit of one hour.  Sabbi with her scrawny arms was terrible at... what do you call it?  Paddling?  You know, when your in a two person canoe and you use the... paddles... to row?  Whatever you get my point lol... she was terrible at rowing/paddling/dragging the stick through the water to create forward momentum... but it was a great workout for me at least.

We raced down the river in an effort to reach the end, eventually we came to a part where the river was barely a metre wide and deep and was littered with low hanging branches and logs in the water... but we pushed through!  Our canoe grinded(is that a word?) along countless logs it was hilarious... until we got to the end and got stuck trying to do a 180 degree turn lol.  Great fun.

Oh yeah I should mention, and this is to emphasize why we were not enjoying our crew's company and also to highlight why Sabbi recommended Surfmoot so highly in the first place (you will recall in the first part I mentioned that Sabbi had been the year before and loved it).  Basically, our crew was retarded, but unluckily for us however it seemed that not all crews were as retarded, in fact most of the others seemed fantastic.  While at the beach and during a walk through Anglesea we seen other crews out and about having lunch together, going canoeing, organizing a game of cricket at the beach... how cool do those crews sound!  Ours on the other hand at that very moment?  As a guess I would say half of our crew would of been drunk by midday with the other half... I dunno really, just sitting around not really doing much.

I was tempted to see if I could join their activities, is changing crews some kind of 'scouts honour' breach lol?

The rest of the day was spent at the beach, no description needed here =)

With the day coming close to an end, we very reluctantly returned back to camp at as late of a time as we possibly could.  There was hope between Sabbi and I at first when we returned back to camp.  These people weren't that bad I guess, and there is the live band playing again which could be fun... maybe it won't be so bad after all.

This illusion faded once we seen them... it all came flooding back.  We both looked at each other simultaneously and said 'I can't stay another night, lets go home'.

But we couldn't just pack up and go... they would all make a big fuss about it... it's a bit hard to take all our stuff back to the car (which was about 500metres away) and undo our tent (which was right in the middle of everyone elses tents) without anyone noticing... can we do that?  The answer is the very same words spoken by the great Obama... yes we can!

And I kid you not, we did just that.

Next post, the escape (the post didn't turn out so well lol)!


Martyn said...

You are one of my favourite bloggers and as such I have passed on to you the 'Beautiful Blogger' award.


Keep up the good work.

Out of Sync said...

Thanks so much Martyn! This will sit very proudly (and lonely) on my side bar =D

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