08 February 2010

Farewell to a great friend

An era, one that I have grown with, has shaped me, that I have learned to cherish, has come to pass.  I have most likely mentioned this half a dozen times over the course of my blog (and I know I say it constantly in real life) but I really love my job.

To sum up briefly, I am a software developer for a small company.

It is a symbol of everything I want in life, as well as a testimony of everything I have worked for over the last few years in regards to my Uni degree, the extra work I put in.  It is rewarding, challenging and nearly the most fun thing you can be paid for.  Part of the reason I love it so much isn't so much the work, but the people.

It has been nearly 2 years since I began at my company, and it was exactly nearly 2 years and a week ago when Connor started working there as well.

Connor and I became good friends from the beginning, we had heaps in common, he was 1 year older then me so was perfect to chat to for advice on Uni, and was simply just great fun to be around.  In our early days we spent a lot of time swapping funny YouTube video clips, playing games on our breaks and whatever other pointless past times we could think of to make the day go that little bit faster.

Somewhere between that time a new guy started by the name of Frazier... long story short he was a douche and was not a fun addition to the office lol... so Connor and I stuck together still and I still continued to love my job (although not as much as I was soon about to!).  Eventually because of Fraziers' douche-y-ness he wasn't hired on when his contract expired so alas, he was gone once more and it was just Connor and I again.  Good times indeed.

But oh no!  With a spot now open it meant that inevitably we would need to hire yet again... I prayed he would fit in well.  Sadly my prayers were not answered and we were stuck with Martyn...

Haha jokes!  I know he reads this so I had to say it lol.

On the contrary, we were stuck with *Martyn =D  It had come to be, the trio was born.  The next 7 months or so were the most fun I had had in a very long time, the days at work just melted away!  In that time we invented numerous games involving a squishy ball, started the fantastic tradition of Pub Fridays (having a chicken parmigiana and beer during work hours tastes so good), laughed on an hourly basis and had morale in the office at the highest it has ever been the entire time I have worked here.

I went to bed genuinely looking forward to heading into work the next day, which has to be a very lucky thing to have indeed.  But, as all things in life (as I have learned especially last year), all things come to an inevitable end.  Connor due to his skills secured another, more prestigious job working for the government in Canberra as part as a post-graduation position.  His last day was Friday just gone, today is Monday morning, and I sit here in the office which I once knew to be my second home, which now feels cold, grey and unfamiliar.

It is the same four walls with my posters, same squeaky swivel chair, the all too familiar computer that restarts itself randomly, my keyboard with cheese stuck under the space bar, my phone with my name on it... these things that I once used to look at with comfort now seem anything but.

A new guy started today, he has some pretty big shoes to fill that's for sure.  I will give him a fair go of course, maybe things can work out after all... although I am not hopeful from my initial vibe.

Times are changing.

*Martyn also has a blog!  Read it here I recommend =)


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