01 January 2010

What a great start

Happy New Year everyone!  Everyone have a good night last night?  Mine was... ok lol.  Not a great way to start the year but eventful nonetheless.  I am insanely excited for 2010!  I have got so much cool stuff planned it is unreal!  The biggest year of my life I am predicting. =D

Hmm, let's make that claim official so throughout the year I can look back at this post and see if my words were right lol.  It is rather bald. 

"I, Aaron, owner of this blog, part owner of my life (I am unsure who owns the majority, but whoever it is is having a great laugh with it), declare that 2010 will be 'The best year ever!'"

The challenge has been put forth!

Although it isn't off to a great start at all going by my night out for New Year's celebrations lol... Last night I went to the city with Daniel as planned, with the idea of eventaully meeting up with Sam and company in mind.  Was a pretty good night although not great as no one seemed to be in a party mood....  I blame the ridiculous Melbourne weather... it was sunny ALL week but decides to rain between the period of 10pm New Year's Eve and 2am New Year's Day.  I was almost convinced it was an attack against me personally lol.

I am currently in a ridiculous amount of pain due to my... accident, let me explain.  As mentioned it was raining quite a lot which meant for a lot of slippery surfaces and obstacles  This got the better of me as I placed one step into Southgate on the hard tiled floor... and just like out of a comedic cartoon where the victim does an over dramatic fall backwards when they step on a banana peel for instance... (which looks like it borderlines on a backwards somersault) is exactly what I managed to do in front of a crowd of 100's lol...

I even did the dance you do like when people walk on ice where your feet slide rapidly back and forwards in a last ditched attempt to save your self from both physical harm and embarrassment.  This was immediately met with 100's of eyes immediately turning to my direction, only to see me flat on my back, followed by 'oooohh!'  Yes, a 'ooohh' was warranted, not a 'hahaha' as you would expect to gain from most falls, this was a 'wow that looked so painful I don't even have the heart to laugh' type fall.

This was the best image to describe how my fall was like.   Although I wasn't wearing a Santa suit, and there was no exercise balls around (as far as I could tell anyway), the reaction of the crowd seems similar at least haha... but yes, that is basically how it looked.

Seriously, go type in things like 'fell over', 'fell over backwards', 'slippery floor' into google images... the results are quite strange lol.

And no, it was not out of drunkenness lol (although I wish it was as the alcohol would of numbed the pain quite well).  Once I got up I was severely winded (which has never happened to me before, it is seriously the weirdest feeling ever!) and stumbled my way over to sit down near by.  Some old Japanese man thought I was just a reckless youth who was struggling to cope with the affects of binge drinking, so he gave me a bottle of water to help me 'sober up' lol.

Finally we found Sam and a few others, and huddled together closely to stand by the Yarra river in the center of Melbourne city, while it was pouring down with rain, to watch the New Year's fireworks display which was absolutely awesome.

An eventful start to the new year, but seriously, would you expect anything less from me haha?


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