20 January 2010

MonsterLan 09!

 The weekend just gone was one of the most fun I have had in ages, that's because I was at one of the coolest, hip, funnest events around... MonsterLan!  I first mentioned this all the way back in October where I originally was going to miss the event due to it clashing with other commitments, but as luck would have it it got pushed back to January =)

And yes, just putting it out there (and I am in no way ashamed of it lol), I am at core a massive nerd =P  So you can see why an event like this would get my underused heart pumping.  It started off terrible at first as for some reason it was really packed even though I arrived relatively early at 3pm Saturday.  This left me sitting away from my friends (who didn't save me a spot...) next to some smelly 12 year old on one side of me and some weird guy on the other who spent about 3 hours just watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies... why even bother coming seriously lol?...

Oh, not to mention being right across from some of the most vocal nerds you would ever meet in your lifetime.  Nerds are, stereotypically, rather quiet, often spending their time huddled amongst themselves, rarely speaking up or making a scene... however, put them in their 'natural environment'... such as a room filled with a 100 pc's, and something strange and not quite wonderful seems to happen, they gain confidence.  This seems to result in an uncontrollable urge to shout obscenities at each other, which don't get me wrong are absolutely hilarious... just does it have to be at a volume rivaling that of a jet engine?  And if you think I am exaggerating I'm not as much as you might think lol.

After a few hours of being isolated it resulted in one of the luckiest things ever... a spot opened up right next to my friends, sweet!  The day picked up considerably from here =D 

I had 6 friends there so we formed a Battlefield 2 team for the tournament (although most of us hadn't played it in years).  With some good team work we won our first round!  But lost the second... then the third lol.  But damn it was fun!  Some hilarious moments happened throughout those games but as much as I would like to describe them I highly doubt it would make for an entertaining read lol.

Update: Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I won a competition haha!  Completely randomly the organizers were like 'ok, everyone make a folder on your desktop called ML Music.  Your task is to collect one song from these 5 artists, and the first to do so wins!"

The artists were:
- Taylor Swift
- Backstreet Boys
- Neil Diamond
- Celine Dion
- And the song I'm on a boat by Lonely Island

Well, proudly I say I already had 'I'm on a boat' and some Taylor Swift songs on my laptop so that saved time... not so proudly I admit I had some Backstreet Boys songs on my laptop already lol.  My friend next to me had a Neil Diamond song, and I quickly downloaded a Celine Dion song from someone else and tada!  Done!  They offered me a computer carry case but as I have a laptop they gave me the choice of choosing a different prize to which I chose some wireless headphones, sweet =D

We powered on throughout the night, playing a bit of World at War with the Nazi Zombies mod (epic!) followed by some more Battlefield 2 rounds and finishing up with a game of Warcraft 3.  At 7.30am Sunday I decided to head home... which is extremely tough to say the least.  I ended up having a power nap at a petrol station (which I did last year to great success, ended up sleeping there for 2 hours lol)... although this time I managed a measly 25 minutes sleep as Sabrina decided 8.20am is a great time to give me a call... (in what world is 8.20am on a Sunday a good time to call...).  Well I was up so figured I'd power through the rest of the drive, eventually stumbling my way through my front door, crashing flat on my bed to which I slept till 4pm lol.

It was an absolute blast and it turned out better then I ever expected, can't wait for the next one =D


sabbii said...

I said i was sorry for calling so early.

Out of Sync said...


sabbii said...

Eventually you will forget i ever woke you up, but the blogs mean even with your bad memory you will never let me live that down. I'll prob even get warned not to call in the morning for next monster lan.

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