19 January 2010

Times are good

You read correct my friends!... no guys, it was not a mistake.  No I am not drunk... although if I was it would probably increase the truth of the title anyway lol.  Things are, at this very moment as I sit here on a Tuesday night in my room, watching old episodes of Californication (in preparation for the new season coming out), actually pretty good... honest =)

I didn't want to leave this blog with no images, so I googled 'good times' and this is what appeared lol.  Enjoy!

I was thinking it most prominently on the drive home from work today, which you would think the hour long drive home would be the least likely time for me to be thinking happy thoughts, but on the contrary I find the drive rather relaxing and it is great fun to let my mind wander.  I also had Paramore's latest album (Brand New Eyes) playing which I had purchased today actually, it has some pretty epic songs that really get me going.

I can't really recall exactly what I was thinking about, perhaps it was nothing in particular and was rather just positive thinking in general.  I reflected a little about last year (things I had previously forgotten somehow), good things though that shows how far I have come.  The fact that I moved out of home for 6 months which is quite a monumental step now that I think about it, also the fact that I graduated (with Distinction) from my 3 year dream university degree (yay!)... which then got me thinking the fact that I got into my dream course to begin with lol.

I loved every single day of my degree.  One of the reasons why I am doing my Honours degree this year is partly because I don't think I am ready to part ways from dear Deakin University just yet.

Once again I have gone on a tangent without noticing... but yes, as the title states and to put it simply, times are good.  I really love my job, I enjoy it so much that some days I actually can't wait to get into work (I don't know if that is terribly lame, or to consider myself lucky lol).  The work is interesting, the people I work with are simply awesome (I developed a small computer virus yesterday and put it on Martyn's pc haha!), and it is much better then when I worked at Coles.

I have so much to look forward to this year that it would be hard not to be in a good mood even if I tried.

For starters, there is MonsterLan this weekend, soooweeeet! Oh yeah!  I was originally going to miss it, as I miserably mentioned in my post 'Missing the monster lan as well...' a few months back, but as luck would have it it got postponed a whole month and is now scheduled for this weekend!  Un-freakin-believable! =D

The weekend after I am camping with Sabbi and friends as apart of Rovers, which I tried a few months back to little success, but this one apparently has like 200 people so I am sure there are at least a few people I can relate to, I hope lol.

After that I have tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert! (yes Taylor Swift, ha..ha... funny, yes keep laughing... you finished?).  Believe it or not I am quite a fan of her songs so I am actually pretty excited about it lol.  That's in February sometime.  Also during February I have tickets to see Paramore!  And after just listening to their latest album today I am now more then ever pumped to see them live! Sweet!

Sometime after that is a trip to Queensland with my sister as a present from me... (as part of her 18th birthday present + 19th birthday present + 2009 Christmas present combined... yeah I was a little slack lol).

Then I am continuing my ambition to join a Hockey team for the year, also with plans to move out of home again back to Geelong, both hopefully in time for the Uni year (starting my Honours degree which I cannot wait for) which starts early March.

Haha, what a massive turn around to how everything was like not so long ago.  Things are definitely on the rise, and for the first time in a long time, it looks like they are going to continue.

Stay tuned!


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