28 January 2010

What the f*** Blogspot!?

Well, as many of you would of been expecting there should of been part three of the epic that was the retelling of the crazy messed up time spent at Surfmoot... with the equally crazy and messed up event of me trying to escape Surfmoot.

When I say escape, I am talking 'we sat, planned and then executed said plan of bringing all our stuff from our tent to our car, unpacking said tent and escaping late at night via car without the rest of the crew even noticing we were gone!' kind of escape.  It was one of my favourite stories ever as it really seemed too insane to be true, but I can assure you it was.

Today is actually the 19th of February, 2010... you will notice that the first 2 parts of 'Escape from Surfmoot' were actually posted the 28th of January.  I have spent the last 3 weeks writing it, I wanted to tell it in the best way possible.  While the first part of the story got great reviews from my readers, with the second getting not as good but you could tell was going to lead to a great finale, I was freakin' excited to the max to post the final part which would explain what the entire story was indeed about... escaping from Surfmoot.

Today, I finished it... it was a ridiculous length (4 pages) so I was going to cut it down a bit, and split it into 2 parts... as I was reading it then, getting ready to split it into 2 parts, I made a typo.  Ok, easy fix, a quick control + z (the shortcut for undo) will whip it right back to where it came from, booyah!  Hmm, one control + z wasn't enough, lets press it again.  But alas, it appears quite a few letters were out of place, so an onslaught of control + z's took place in rapid succession until... THE WHOLE FUCKING POST WHIPPED CLEAN!

Woah woah why did that happen!?  Oh no, quick redo redo!!!  Where the fuck is the redo button!?  OMG EYES HURRY UP AND FIND ME THE REDO BUTTON!

However my brain clicks on... I knew what was about to happen next... every few minutes blogger thinks it is being smart by AUTOMATICALLY SAVING your post at whenever the hell it feels like... my eyes flick just a fraction downwards and to the left...


'Draft is now saved at 11.45pm'




I frantically mashed the back and forwards button on my browser... eventually it returned back to the editing page of the 'Escape from Surfmoot - The Escape - Part One'... the blank editing page.

No way on my watch am I going to loose that... I am in I.T, let's outsmart this shit!  Google, come to me, quickly, I am in need of help!  Google is basically my twin brother, we can pretty much on instinct know exactly the right thing to say to each other, especially in times of need and uncertainty.

One time at work, our internet went down for the day... I had no fucking idea what I was doing!  I didn't know how to do anything!  I kept trying to work and I'd get stuck and I'd automatically just open up Firefox to go google something and then BAM I remember that the internet is down... Hmm, I wonder why the internet is down?  What model is our router?  Let's google that model number for some troubleshooting tips... oh crap just remembered, the internet is down and I can't google... Martyn, since the internet is down, can you come over here and help me with this please?

"Yeah sure man... ok looks like you'll need to do this... but I can't quite remember what it is called, one sec" proceeds to open up the browser and attempts to google something... it takes us both a solid 10 seconds before one of us says 'oh yeah, the internet is down'.

It was like a messed up episode of the Twilight Zone... with time travel, a paradox and a catch 22 thrown into the mix.

I googled and googled to retrieve the post... but sadly to no avail.  My 3-week-in-the-making post is lost for good.

Why the hell did control + z undo the ENTIRE post?...

This is for you Blogspot, enjoy.

UPDATE: Well, after some experimentation to try and re-create control + z whipping clean my post error... it appears there is actually a redo button on the little menu bar... if only I hadn't pressed the 'back' button on my browser during my panic attack it could of all been avoided lol...


Lauren said...

Oh no! I had noticed the January post date and was a bit curious... So sorry you had such drama!

Martyn said...

Disapointed, I wanted to hear the last part. Although you did tell me in the office...But anyways, bad luck with the control+z issues...And I know what you mean about the autosave everytime you stop typing. Very annoying.

sabbii said...

Not shocked at all that that would happen to you. But the surfmoot escape would have been an awesome post.

Out of Sync said...

Lauren - Hehe thanks Lauren! All good though I am over it, this post actually turned out pretty good so everything worked out in the end =)

Martyn - If only you agreed to proof read it for me on Friday when I asked you too I would of had a hard copy of it as spare lol =P

Sabbi - lol yeah... sounds typical me.

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