11 January 2010

Bonsai Tree: Seedlings (already!?)

I suspect my tree has a problem, specifically, drug abuse.  As you can see when I first started the art of Bonzai tree growing ('Bonzai Tree: The Beginning')... I wasn't predicting changes any time soon... like at least a few weeks at best seeing as the box said it would be '3 to 12 weeks before seedlings may appear'.

My tree however after only one week has sprouted!  I am unsure whether to be excited, suspicious or scared... currently I am a mix of all three (leaning towards scared).  Surprise definitely comes to mind as the budding tree seems to be going too well with the possibility of it all being down hill from here lol.

 My steroid abusive Bonzai tree

I previously predicted to not have many updates about this at all, now I don't know what to think, maybe I need to start an entirely separate blog just for my bonzai tree updates at this rate lol.  It is pretty awesome to see that it is actually getting somewhere though, it is becoming even more impressive by the hour so things are moving smoothly =)

The next step is to wait for the sprouts to flower, I am going to have a full tree in no time!

Well, until next time, whenever that may be.


sabbii said...

Omg when you said it sprouted already i thought you meant that you could see only little sprouts, I really underestimated what you where trying to tell me.

Maybe you tree really is on drugs. lol

Out of Sync said...

Haha nope, it is growing scarily fast. You should see it now, it is way bigger then before, I will have a new update soon.

sabbii said...

Hurry up and update then.
wow that sounded like mean sabbi is that how i am in your head?

Out of Sync said...

lol, well that just then is how you are in real life =P

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