19 January 2010

Bonsai Tree: The transplant

Well, it has only been a mere 2 weeks and already my bonsai tree is ready to be transplanted.  You can follow the up to date progress of this mutant tree here from the beginning, to the following week where I suspected it of having a drug abuse problem... which after being ready to translate in only 2 weeks I am sticking by that accusation profusely.

I was lucky enough to receive 9 seedlings in total (even though the box said I should expect to see 3 - 8... again rousing my suspicions of the tree being up to no good) to which I took to be 'they give you a lot because there is a high chance of them not making it' lol.  I had already had doubts that the over-achieving tree would rise to fame far to quickly only to have a dramatic fall once it was time for the real growing to begin, but alas I will stay hopeful nonetheless. =)

My tree's progress from last Monday to today... that kind of growth can't be natural.

Well anyways, according to the box when they reach this height it is now time to transplant them into their own containers with some special soil that is provided.  Hmm, sounds easy enough, although I was extremely hesitant as I was unconvinced that they were strong enough to be handled... but I guess the box knows what it is doing.

After an almost brain transplant like scenario I successfully transplanted my delicate seedlings to their new home (with only 1 casualty I might add lol) so I was pretty pleased with the result.  I wasn't exactly sure what was the right course of action from here, the box stopped giving instructions from here on out and much rather gave a lazy 'bonsai trees will reflect your own artistic individuality' as it's finally piece of advice... yeah ok, thanks box, you've been a great help...

As a guess I figured giving them a spot full of light would be the best idea (well, you know, plants in my mind need a watering jug once a week and access to the sun and that should be all you need to do for them lol), so they are sitting on the bookshelf next to the window.

Haha I opted to twirl two of them around each other, hoping to gain some kind of knotted tree look.  Does that work? 

Well there you have it, one of the most demanding hobbies I have ever encountered.  I really hope they survive as they have started off so well, would hate for it to all be in vein.

I will keep you updated.


Martyn said...

Looking good Aaron, can't wait to hear how they are going?

I think you are right, they are definitely on drugs. Nothing should grow that fast.

sabbii said...

There looking great so far but a tad freaky that they are growing so fast.

Out of Sync said...

Thanks for the support guys, I will pass it onto the tree for moral support lol.

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