26 February 2010

Paramore concert

Un-freakin-believeable =D I sit here now as I watch some of the recordings I took of the concert and it lets me re-live the awesome experience that was seeing Paramore play live.

I'll start off a little backwards here and mention a negative... it was way too short, a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes which is pretty poor. This was made worse because of the fact that they were so good and time definitely flies when your having fun... but besides that, I have nothing remaining but positivity!

I went with my good mate Martyn as we are both pretty big fans of the band, I remember the day we bought the tickets all the way back in November and it was a struggle to wait all this time as we counted down for the big day!

Now unlike the Taylor Swift concert that I went to a few weeks back, to which I complained that she didn't sing a few songs that I would of loved to hear, Paramore had no such problems in that regards. On the contrary it is safe to say that they played all my absolute favourites of theirs which just made the whole experience that much more outstanding!

Hayley Williams (the lead singer) is simply amazing, her voice is incredible! I said it about Taylor Swift, and I will say the same here, they are both the type of singer that can sing live just as good (if not better) then they do on their albums. Songs like 'Careful' and 'The only exception' that have a few long and high notes were sung with amazing precision.

I think my face nearly exploded from the smile that was on my face when they started playing 'The only exception' as that is one of my all time favourites, as well as 'Decode'! I was lucky enough to get a decent quality recording of 'Decode', 'Careful' and 'The only exception', I am listing to the recording of Decode at this very moment =P

Paramore are best known by their songs 'Misery Business', 'Decode' (as it is shamefully the theme song to Twilight) and 'Brick by Burning Brick' from their latest album. I am not much of a fan of their well known songs (I very rarely am for any band I like, strange), but most people usually are, so when they played 'Misery Business' it was so sweet how crazy the place went. Everyone went absolutely nuts, I think there was even a time in there when I was questioning the strength of the buildings foundations, wondering if it would collapse or not haha. Martyn and I only managed to get seats which turned out to be a bit of a bummer as the energy down on the floor looked amazing.

As with every concert I go to I always buy a band t-shirt (besides Taylor Swift that is lol). I know they are terribly over-priced but it is just the whole stigma of 'owning a shirt from the concert' that gets me every time haha.

All in all it was well worth it and Paramore have definitely secured their spot in my 'favourite bands of all time' list. Their new album 'Brand New Eyes' was on a continuous loop in my car for a solid 4 weeks, I highly recommend. If I had the chance to see them again I would.

Feel free to steal any pictures!

P.S Hayley is hot =)


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