02 March 2010

My life is awkward

I am by my very nature a master at creating embarrassing and awkward situations for myself. This includes just general day to day encounters such as getting petrol, going for bike rides, celebrating an event, I always have a way to do something retarded that makes me either laugh at myself or shake my head.

This behavior is amplified 10 fold when good looking girls are involved lol. It is a terrible disability that I thought would lesson over time... I am starting to worry.

The other week I was at my local EB Games store (they sell video games) just browsing as I often do. This time however I was greeted with a friendly "hey hows it going?" by a great looking chick, which is rare in such a store as the usual staff are middle aged balding guys with red beards.

"I'm good, yourself?" Crap, shes hot, gotta say something else. She was vacuuming at the time. "Haha, that looks fun" I smirk, but in good humour, well that was my intention at least lol.

She laughs, phew, 1 point to me. "Ha, yeah its pretty lame I hate it, stupid thing doesn't even work half the time".

... yep, I'm out, nothing more to say. I mumbled something else to her but I don't remember what, then went over to do some browsing. The whole time I'm kicking myself as usual, stuff like this happens far too often, I decided I'll have to make a second attempt. I wait a while until she finishes vacuuming... which doesn't seem to be ending any time soon... I am starting to run out of things to browse and knew that doubling back to browse stuff that I had already looked at looks weird.

That, or gives the impression that I really like my video games to a creepy extent haha.

Hmm, have to think of a way to talk to her, but I didn't want to do it while shes vacuuming cause that wouldn't work well (and yeah, you can argue against that if you like, this is just what was going through my head at the time). Hmm, think Aaron think... I am in a store... there's stuff, on shelves... she's vacuuming... pull the power plug? That's option A, need an option B. How to get a register attendant to chat... damn, all my smarts seem to elude me at the time I need it most.

Ah, I know, I'll buy something!

Grinned to myself at this brilliant idea. Don't really want to spend too much money, lets look at the sales table. I find a $4 game for the Nintendo Wii, perfect. Wander over to the sales desk to buy my impulse buy, she comes over, going well so far.

"Ha I love this game, I play it with my little cousins on the Wii all the time" she says with a laugh. An unexpected win there, 1 point to me.

I ramble something boring along the lines of having seen it before but never have actually played it although it always looked fun... I really need to work on my conversational skills, I am a smooth one aren't I lol. This somehow works in my advantage however because she says with a smile:

"Oh I highly recommend, it is great fun! Well definitely come back soon, it will be nice to hear if you liked it or not, I have only played it on the Nintendo Wii not the PC".

I must be doing something right, another point to me. Hmm, but why would she want to hear about the PC version of the game, I just bought the Wii version. I better correct her.

"PC? This is for the Wii".

"No, look, says PC right here on the cover". I cringed, of course I was wrong, negative 10 points to me for looking like a fool.

"Oh, yeah, right... it's been a long day." Made a mental note to self: when I am on a win, just walk away. I say my goodbyes and promise to return some time to let her know how it went.

I come home with my impulse buy with no intentions of playing it, figure if she asks about it in the future I could just wing it. Money well spent lol?

The game. It is for the PC if you couldn't tell.


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