21 February 2010

I'm famous yet again!

It really seems like the world just can't get enough of me, I am popping up everywhere lately. Here's the latest!

First was what I know was not a coincidence, and my Facebook profile was on the Hamish and Andy.com website. Secondly I was awarded the highly prestigious and sort after award that is the Beautiful Blogger Award, it is awarded to 15 people each time to only the absolute best bloggers around so it is obviously a big deal, and now this!

In my most recent thrust into the spotlight, I was on TV!

That's just one step away from having my own talk show you know.

I'd like to thank me, myself and I, for just always being there, supporting me through the hard times. It isn't easy to become famous, it doesn't just happen you know, it's not like one day your just a simple average joe, then the next your a global phenomenon. Without you 3 to rely on, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Here are some screenshots of myself in the spot light. As you can see I was a guest star for the show, but I like to keep a low key to avoid the attention of my screaming fans:

Eating a hotdog on national TV, how many people do you know can say that! Damn I am classy.

Look at that good looking guy to the left in the hat with the sunglasses on his head! Oh wait, that's just me.

Please know that while I was jumping around with my goofy smile, I did not know that they were talking to a cancer survivor about cancer... my bad!

To view the whole film clip go here!

Who knows where I will be next.


Malou said...

Hahahahahhahaa. That's hilarious.
Really, you're pretty much worldfamous now.
- Malou

Out of Sync said...

Well I notice from your profile that you're from Belgium, so my fame has indeed crossed the globe haha!

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