09 February 2010

Moving out of home! (again...)

Well, I think I have finally overstayed my welcome at my parents house.  Last year I moved out of home for 6 months to be closer to work and Uni, an interesting experience to say the least.  I moved back home after my landlord kicked us out, with the original plan of staying for '6 weeks tops'... an entire Summer later I am still here haha... but with the Uni year about to start I think it's time I get my ass moving and start looking for a new place to live.  Sweet!

Living out of home is fantastic and I seriously recommend to any who have not done so yet (cough sabbi cough), not only is there the noticeable benefits such as, well the biggest one of all really that is FREEDOM, you will find ever slowly that it changes you for the better.  You start doing things differently then you remember, small things at first like managing your own dinners, organizing your time without your mum's help and persistence, keeping a supply of food available.

Before you know it you can cook things you've never even heard of before, your phone's alarm is your best friend and you can actually get up out of bed all on your own, and the people at the local supermarket know you by name lol.

It kind of hits you all at once (well at least it did for me)... it took a few months before it did.  You get home, your accustomed to it now so you were even organized enough to have the ingredients for dinner purchased the day before  You cook your own dinner (which you can now eat by the TV!  Unlike at home...), and as your washing your dishes (something you rarely did and always dreaded back at home) it kind of dawns on you that "Wow, I am out making it all on my own and am surprisingly doing an awesome job at it too!".

That's usually followed by a few beers just because you can =D

However... I hated my house mates in that house.  So many friends have moved out and they have awesome house mates!  One of my mates got a house warming party thrown for him when he moved in, another hangs with his house mates on the weekends at times, and I have heard plenty of stories where house mates have ended up best friends... mine however were dumbasses lol... but that's a story for another time.

The problem is like everything in my life it is never as simple as you would expect it to be.  This time I have two options:

-I can get a house with Jason (one of my best mates) and Massimo (a Uni friend of Jason and mine).  Now of course this would be damn awesome as how much fun would it be living with 2 good friends! Movie nights, trips to the pub, parties!  Although I have had a few people warn against this but I am ignoring them =P

-Move in with strangers.  Now this is what I did with my last house and it turned out terrible... but I have, as mentioned, heard of countless stories of friends who had awesome house mates and actually gained some friends out of it!  Tempting indeed.

So, I am at a crossroad.  Go the safe road and move with friends?  Or take the risk and move with strangers which could result in either terrible house mates (again), or gain some really cool friends out of it.  Choices choices, life is tough lol.

I am yet to decide... hopefully fate can decide for me =)


Martyn said...

Fate says get your arse in gear, you only have a week to find somewhere, so take the first offer of a place that you get. lol

sabbii said...

But now because of his laziness, he is more likely to find the house with strangers. Meaning the option to move with friends didn't even have time to process.


Out of Sync said...

You guys seem more stressed about it then I am lol, it'll be fine!

I am still waiting for fate to decide.

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