21 February 2010

Yes I am that awesome

Today I was lucky enough to receive an award for my obviously superior blogging abilities... about time. But, I guess even the greats of our times were not fully appreciated for the magnificent work they did on the get go... better late then never. In other words... yay me!

I am beautiful aren't I.

Basically the rules of this award are:
-You must be awesome. Check!
-Be a favourite blogger of the awarder. Check!
-Have a blog. Double check!
-Say thanks to the one who awarded you with the blog. In progress.
-Pass the award onto 15 others. In progress.

First on the agenda is to thank the person who presented and judged me worthy of the award, and that would be Martyn from Vegemite Saga! Thanks Martyn, I feel honoured! He writes some good stuff so I highly recommend having a look =)

Now the rule is to pass it onto 15 other bloggers that I feel deserve the award... but I think 15 is too many as it starts to loose its appeal when that many people are winning every time. It feels like when your in a poor sports team, and no matter that your team lost every game of the season in the most embarrassing way, you all get to walk away with a 'Participation award' so everyone can feel like a winner... Look mummy, I'm a winner! Not on my blog your not.

If your good, I will reward you =)

And my receivers in no particular order:

A Book Unfinished - A fantastic blog about all things books, literature, young adults, fiction, writing, publishing... you get the drift. She doesn't post very often but when she does it is guaranteed to leave you pondering and wanting more.

from cold to fire - A brand new blog that is only a few weeks old from the lovely Lauren. Her theme currently seems to be 'life' and she has a way to dive that little deeper to reveal what is under the surface and isn't afraid to share her inner thoughts and dreams.

Mr London Street - This guy is a legend of the blogging world with a legion of 1000+ followers. He is one of those bloggers that actually knows how to put words down on paper in a way that makes you feel a little lost whether it was his memory that was being told or if it was in fact one of your own memories.

Sabbii's Artwork - If you'd like to see some talent, this is the place to go. The artworks on this page look ridiculously good and if I didn't know this artist in real life I would question if it was indeed her own artwork and not artworks stolen from movies like Lord of the Rings.

Another Ninja in a Mazda - A great little known blog with completely random topics, it is always a good read to spice up your day. I am still laughing at the post 'Exit Row Hero'... classic.

I have some other bloggers that I really love but they have already won the award so I can't award it to them twice. You can find my absolute favourite blogs to follow on my sidebar, but a few especially outstanding ones are:

Hyperbole and a Half: This blog has made me cry with laughter in the past, I highly recommend (Spaghatta Nadle!)

Steam Me Up, Kid...: One of my all time favourites, some of her posts have made me literally fall out of my chair laughing!

plentymorefishoutofwater: Mr Fish is absolutely hilarious, I am confident you will like this blog as much as I do.

Well there you have it, my first award... I feel a little giddy!


Mr London Street said...

Thankyou! I don't normally do awards but hypocritically I am always pleased to receive them. I know a couple of the bloggers you have mentioned but will check out the others.

sabbii said...

Aww receiving this award honestly makes me smile :).
Thanks so much for the award, I hope to complete more artwork in the near future. This award defiantly motivates me to do more :) Off to do more right now actually.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Thank you!! I'm flattered! Outstanding, eh? Well, blush.

And congrats on your award!

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Woop, great stuff - thanks. I've read MLS but will check the others out now.

Ninja in a Mazda said...

Thank you for the mention...I read Hyperbole religiously and now I have some work to do catching up on the others.


Allie said...

Thanks, dude! Imma let you finish, but Steamy has one of the best blogs of all time!

Oh wait... you already got her.

And I don't think I'm supposed to do that on myself.


Out of Sync said...

My pleasure guys, thank YOU for writing such great stuff =D Makes the whole blogging experience that much more worth it.

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