12 February 2010

Change of jobs?

Wow... this week just keeps on changing!  First there was dealing with Connor leaving, then there was the tough choices with moving out of home, now this.  In light of Connor's departure the morale at work has really dropped over the last few days.  It will recover eventually, just I don't think it can ever return to its former glory in full, but I guess that's life.

Anyways, Martyn (who seems to be taking Connor's departure on borderline man-crush lol), was on seek.com.au (a job search website) because 'work is now too boring to continue on and I may be interested in changing jobs' lol...

During his searches though he stumbled across a particularly good one which may be too good to pass up... yikes!

Currently I am a software developer for a pretty small company, which I do love but it doesn't offer any advancements options (which is something I would like to have the option of in my future jobs).  While having no advancement options has been perfectly fine while I was at University as I didn't really have the time available to strive to grow the ranks anyway, this is my last year of study so maybe it is time to start thinking about the next step in my career?

Ultimately my goal is to become a video games designer/developer... but that is a lot harder to get into then you might think, so that is a while off yet.  Besides, I have many other dreams that I want to pursue which may lead me away from that career path anyway =)

This job is titled Business Analyst... yes I know that sounds dreadfully boring by name, but in practice it is pretty awesome (I think...).  The reason why this job is so appealing though is because I would start as a junior position, which obviously implies there are senior positions =)  Something to strive for.  The other benefit is the location as their headquarters is in Torquay (located near Geelong, Victoria, Australia for my international readers lol).  Torquay is a fantastic place right by some of the best beaches Australia has to offer, I even considered living there over my summer break (which didn't end up happening lol).

Also (and this is a major point to take note of) the company I would be working for is Quiksilver Australia which is (as far as I know) a pretty large global brand.  This fits perfectly with my dream of moving to New York as I mentioned a while back.  Turns out getting a visa to be allowed into the US is a lot harder then I predicted lol.  But it can be made a lot easier if I already have a job lined up for me there.  Who knows, I could get this job, work hard for the next year, work my way up a little and possibly be eligible to transfer over to the states =)

So much to gain but equal amounts to lose.  I love my current job (well, kind of), plus I am starting my Honours degree this year, do I really want to risk leaving my great job for a potentially not so great one?  While also balancing all this with my University requirements?

The application had to be in by today so in an effort to buy myself some time I applied anyways and will see how it goes.  Hmm, all these monumental opportunities keep presenting itself lately, ones that will shape my future.  Do I go the safe route, stick with what I know?  Or do I take a leap, risk it all in the hope that it all turns out for the better?

Life is full of choices, and I am no where near wise enough to have the answers.  I guess making mistakes is to be expected and possibly even welcomed... has that just answered my question?

Only time will tell =)


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