15 February 2010

Sabbi is trying to steal my fame!

Well well well, it appears ever since I became famous it has shown me who my real friends are...

Sabbi (who has far too many mentions on this blog... which I am starting to now realize was a mistake) is trying to steal the spotlight away from me to gain her own 'famous-ness'... traitor!  She just couldn't accept all the attention I gained from when I hit the spot light, there was literally 0's of people stopping me on the street, my phone was off the hook, I even had to change my identity...

This is how I now look... as you can see, it's not pretty.

I am telling you it is not as glamorous as it seems, the whole 'famous' thing... see that picture?  Note the giant scissors, they aren't for show let me say that much.  Those Samurai sword lessons definitely come in handy from time to time.  It you see me in the street, run.

But alas, Sabbi still thinks getting famous is a good idea so has opted to do something stupid like get herself in a business deal that could possibly see her very own design as the cover of an internationally selling new book... pfft... idiot.  It is a clearly a grab at attention seeking.  We will ignore you on purpose.  You can't grab fame, it must be earned.

I guess I should say... congratulations... as it could lead to her name underneath the authors with the title 'Illustrations by:' which would be seen by people from all around the world.  I guess she could put it on her resume' which would obviously be really impressive to have and will definitely help her for any future job prospects, as well as being a great story and a personal achievement to recall, and in short it could be the start of something amazing.  But yeah, whatever...

Do you really think you could hack it?  I think not!  Vote no for Sabbi!


In all seriousness it sounds way cool, I even made a facebook page dedicated to her achievement, I think it sums it up nicely lol.
Click here for the 'Awesome' facebook profile (might need to login to Facebook to view the page)


sabbii said...

I thank you for creating an awesome webpage for me. I truly love it, and i am to do everyone of them amazing things. ( with you right there doing them first, sky diving is first on the list :P)
I only get mentioned so much because i am awesome. But i feel honored to have you call me awesome :)
Plus i couldn't never steal your fame, but I could aim to kick your ass at it.

Out of Sync said...

Let's not get ahead of ourselves =P

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