13 February 2010

Taylor Swift concert


That is all.

Haha as if I could leave a post that short, you all know by now the subconscious rule I follow "if it isn't at least a page in length, it isn't a real post", or you could argue it is some kind of compulsion.  Regardless, it would be of great dis-respect to the great Taylor Swift if I didn't talk about her concert that I was luckily enough to attend the other night.

Which was awesome I must say first up =)

If you were to ask me what kind of music I generally like, I would mention bands the likes of Dream Evil, Rammstein, Taking Back Sunday, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Circa Survive and my all time favourite of Blink 182.  If you know one or even some of those bands you will pick up rather quickly that they sound nothing like Taylor Swift lol.  So many people ask me, in a slightly concerned voice "Your going to Taylor Swift?... what, by choice?"

Yes, it was by choice.  I never have an answer really, but for some reason I really like her and her music =)  In my defence, I have had had 3 other male friends who have said to me that they wish they were going and if there were any tickets left, so yeah, take that judgmental readers =P

I went with Sabbi which always turns into a funny story to tell.  We wondered around like tourists in a foreign country as we tried to find out seats.  Eventually we narrowed it down and managed to find our row... then as you could guess came the highly awkward shuffle past the people who are already sitting down, while they frantically try to squash their legs, that were already cramped as it was, into an even smaller position then before, as you do the 'so so sorry', 'thanks so much', 'whoops was that your breast? my bad' routine...  funny thing was though as we shuffled along the row of seats we made it through the entire row and came out the other end to the stairs and noticed our seats were right there on the end haha!

Our seats turned out pretty good actually, especially as it was a completely sold out event within a matter of days of them going on sale.  We were right at the back but directly in front so with my glasses on it was a great view and the sound was nice and stereo.

My favourite part of the show would have to be when she played her classic songs.  Her first song of the night was 'You Belong With Me' which was absolutely fantastic to start off with!  The performance of 'Love Story' was amazing, hopefully I can post my recording of it on YouTube, it was really really well done.  The crowd as you would expect was going insane the entire time which was great because other peoples excitement and enthusiasm always rubs off on me.

I took some dodgy photos with my sisters camera, feel free to steal them if you so wish.  The guy next to me had a camera though rivaling that of a TV news crew!  In my photos you can just make out the colour of her dress, in this guy's shots I think you could count the freckles on her nose!

A highlight and definitely an unexpected but welcomed surprise of the night was when Taylor came out from one of the stairwell to preform a song mere meters from where Sabbi and I were sitting!  I would of loved to get closer but there was just no room, the entire stadium had crushed together to get a closer look.

The performance was simply awesome and what I loved most about it was the fact that she is only 20 years old and already has this much talent.  It will be exciting to see how she will improve over the next few years.  The amount of effort, training and preparations that goes into her show is very impressive to say the least.

My only disappointment of the night was the exclusion of some of the songs from her first album that I really wanted to hear.  She played some of the main ones such as 'Tim McGraw', 'Should've Said No' and 'Our Song'.  But where was 'Mary's Song' and of course 'I'm only me when I'm with you'?!  Ah well, can't have everything.

All in all it was an amazing night and was definitely worth it, the visuals were great (the stage completely changed for just about every song), it went for a respectable 1 hour and 50 minutes, it was a sellout crowd and Taylor is one of those performers that can actually sing live, some of the notes she held were incredible.  Plus she is pretty hot =P

Next up, Paramore!


sabbii said...

Our best friend night outs always leave with great stories.
Like our cutlery dating conversation at la porchetta for my bday dinner. sorry stop me I'm thinking too much now.
The seats bit lol. I remember that vividly lol That would only happen to us lol.
That was an amazing night out. Remembers back to that best friend night out and smiles :)

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