09 February 2010

Epic Toasted Sandwich Adventures! #1

I, like most other sane people on planet Earth, loves a toasted sandwich =D  Seriously I wonder why you would eat a non-toasted sandwich if the option of toasting it is available... well obviously some exceptions to that apply such as toasted lettuce which I do not recommend from previous experiences.

To show to the world my love of the Great Toasted Sandwich (yes it deserves capital letters to imply its significance) I am starting a new segment to document and of course, share my knowledge and experiences, into the science that is toasted sandwich making.

I have partitioned to the Universities for years that a course dedicated to this art is needed, but they still refuse, so alas I shall be your teacher.

Here at work Martyn and I (and the great Connor) are major fans of the Toasted Sandwich, but we are always striving to find something new, to enhance even further what is already a magnificent phenomenon.  The other day by chance (or fate even) a new recipe was thrown upon us by the most unlikely means that was just too good to pass up.

Martyn (who has his own blog here) uses Google Analytical which is a service that he uses to stalk his readers keep track on how many people visits his site (all 2 of them =P) , as well as how they came to be at his site (like, what link did they click that lead them to his blog).  Often times his blog is found as a result of a Google search (very weird searches lol)... and the other day he was found by searching for 'vegemite capsicum mushroom sandwich'.

At first we laughed as what a weird thing to search for, but then we realized that 'wow, that doesn't sound too bad!'  And so, we decided to make it.

Name: Vegemite, Capsicum and Mushroom Toasted Sandwich (TS)
Attempt to make: 1st attempt
Ingredients and order of said ingredients:
-Bread slice
-Vegemite spread
-Mustard (author's addition)
-Cheese x 1
-Capsicum (colour of your choice)
-Raw onion (diced, author's addition)
-Vegemite spread (author's addition)
-Bread slice

Trust me, it tastes better then it looks.

Author's verdict: The vegemite over-powered the other ingredients a little so I would recommend to use a little less next time.  The mushroom went rather well toasted which I was a little surprised by, and matched well with the red capsicum and cheese, and in my opinion I thought the mustard was a great addition to add a whole new level of flavour to the already diverse range present.

Ways to improve: I would recommend to dice the capsicum as they are hard to break once you bite them and often come out whole.  As mentioned the vegemite was very potent so only a small spread is needed to get the desired affect.  The addition of some extra cheese might go well (possibly even some different varieties), as well as some different colour capsicums to extend the flavour range a little further, as well as a better sauce (I am unsure what as of yet, that's for next time though).

Rating: 3/5 Melted Cheeses


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