27 August 2010


It appears as time passes I am getting better at, well, life.  I can semi-cook now since leaving home, I can... umm... hmm... it appears there isn't many examples where I have improved haha.  Well anyways you get my drift, anyone in their early 20's surely could agree =P

Currently we are in August, that means the time is very near where University comes to an end and we are blessed with the best time of year, the summer holidays!  Man I cannot wait =D  This happens every single year, the intense grip of Melbourne (Australia) winter starts to loose it's strength, days where a jumper is optional rather then a survival requirement become more frequent, the sun starts to shine, there is a crisp feeling in the air, life just seems better =) 

And every year as the sun starts to shine my spirit levels soar.

Anyways back to the premise of this post.  Every year Melbourne hosts a plethora of day long music festivals, one of which is Soundwave.  The play list of this particular festival is just epic and has been every year, although you'd think by the way in which I speak of it that I am a long time attendee?  Well... you'd be mistaken haha.  As it was documented nearly a year from now ago I was stupid enough to miss out on Soundwave tickets last time.

Ha oh geez... that post was written almost a year ago and just re-reading it again made me laugh.

"You'd think I'd be organized and get what I can only assume to be a crucial item for my Soundwave experience... the fucking tickets!!! Now they are sold out! Argghhh!!!" - The reaction from last years Soundwave mishap haha.

Alas as the now somewhat distant first line of this post would suggest this year I managed to get my stuff together for a change and managed to get myself tickets. Woo!  I am learning after all it would seem.  I even surprised myself by going so far as to sign up and buy them at the pre-sale! Although that could also be out of paranoia of repeating last years mistakes ha.

To add further evidence that I am in fact getting better at this thing called life, I managed to get 3 of my best mates organized and got them tickets at the pre-sale also... sweet.  What an epic time to look forward to =)

This years line up (while not as awesome as last years that had Taking Back Sunday and Paramore playing, both whom I would of killed to see...) is still rather epic.  One of my most highly anticipated is the legendary Rob Zombie!  I have loved this guy for ages now, songs like Dragula, Superbeast, Scum of the Earth are just the absolute best when pumped up loud.

Aaron 1. Life 349488. We live, we learn.

Cannot wait!


S. Love said...

Funny. The end of August here [US] marks the end of summer. Everybody has now just gone back to their schools to start the new year. ...The US is lame.

Great post! :]

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