24 August 2010

"Procrastination" - The Documentary - Part Three

What an epic few days, I can't believe I put myself through such turmoil that can so easily be avoided haha.  For those of you who would like to start this immense, passionate, heart breaking and simply amazing story from the beginning, please start from Part One.

Hmm, I should probably label this under my 'Fame' tag, as I am sure this documentary will be picked up by a TV network any day now.

Anyways, onwards to the rest of this story!  I would of typed it in real-time as I did with parts one and two but fatigue was at a high and time was of too little thus it had to wait until the following day alas it brings us to 4.37pm Tuesday.  A solid 17 hours after the report was due.

So, how did it go?  Wow, looking back now at part two things were not looking good ha! I hated having to drive back to University after dinner... my mind and body were absolutely exhausted.

The verdict which I am sure you are all desperately waiting for...


*drum roll music*


Actually scrap that, let's get some battle music from Lord of the Rings!


Dzooom Dzoooooom! Dzoom Dzoom Dzoom!  "Frodoooooo!!" Dzoom Dzooom Dzooooooom!... Dzoom Dzoom Dzoom!

Singing over text is quite difficult... throw some imagination at it I am sure you can make it work =P


At 1.03am, after spending 13 hours in total at University... I managed to hand it in at an awesome 3,771 words!  Woo!  I cannot believe I pulled it off!  What a ridiculous day, easily one of my more trying in recent memory.  It was 1 hour late but whatever, I wrote in the submission comments section a plea in the hope that I don't get a late submission penalty... which I better not, it would be pretty lame if the teacher was that strict.

The feeling of having it completed is just amazing, a huge weight lifted upon me.

Lately I have cut my work days from 3 to 2 for about a month or so so I can focus on my Uni work a little more.  I have a little breather with my next major assignment not due for another 5 weeks.  Ha, could we be seeing a sequel to "Procrastination" perhaps!


In honesty though, and not that I can accurately say as I am yet to re-read the report since I submitted it (and at 1am last night my mind was so messed up I really couldn't understand anything I was reading)... but I do get the sense that it is one of the best reports I have ever written =)

Do I work great under pressure or am I just a lucky fool? =P


This concludes the epic three part Blogspot series, Procrastination.  There will no doubt be a sequel (or three) in the near future, so stay tuned!


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