15 August 2010

Larger than life

The premise of my story today is about the times when you meet/see someone and for reasons unknown they immediately just grab your attention in every way, leaving you slightly transfixed over their existence.  And no I am not talking as superficial as physical appearance or their choice in music (although I am sure that does count some of the time), I am talking about them as a whole.  Their walk, their smile, the way they think and converse, it could be their moral compass or outlook on the world/life that draws you in, maybe it is the fact that they are good at what they do, someone you can draw inspiration from perhaps.  I am sure that this happens all the time to everyone, I myself admire my Honours supervisor at Uni immensely based on many variables.

My point however is the times when this, connection if you will, happens instantly at merely a glance.  Again I reiterate that I don't simply mean physical attraction, something beyond that, something you can't really put your finger on.  Somehow catching your attention even through a crowded room, leaving them imprinted on your mind for days after.

This occurrence happened to me a few days ago and to no surprise they have been on my mind ever since.

Last weekend I was working at my University helping out with their public Uni Open Day event, showing the people around, giving out course information and so on, and out of no where I see this girl standing at one of the stands.  Now being a busy day there was obviously 100's of good looking girls around but for some reason my attention was immediately caught on this one in particular.  Not because of her physical looks (although she was very beautiful), there was just something... 'fun' about her that just hooked me in.  I think at the sight of her I even smiled, no idea why. Noticing her t-shirt I could tell she was also a Uni Open Day helper, perfect, that means she will be here all day, I'll have to go chat to her as soon as I can.

Long story short the day was so busy I didn't get to talk to her... but as fate would have it (which seems to define my life this year) a chance to talk to her appeared a mere 3 days later, again as I was helping out at an Uni run event.  To add even more fate driven coincidences to the mix she wasn't just working at the same event, we were working together on the same project...scary I know =P.

I played it casual throughout the day, it was surprisingly easy to chat to her as she was such a cool person.  I had heaps of fun working with her, made her laugh quite a lot which was good, I even helped gain her a very strong possibility of getting a summer internship at a very prominent IT company.

It appeared my initial vibe of her being fun was justified, she was just was much fun in person too! 

Alas the day ended and we went our separate ways, becoming Facebook friends (the new modern way to go from stranger to acquaintance it appears) and yep... that's about it.  Turns out she is taken anyways, but even just becoming friends would be cool.  I've considered chatting to her via Facebook with a hopeful 'I'm just being friendly I am not trying to hit on you' intention... but I don't know, that feels a little weird to me (with 'stalkerish' coming to mind also)... or is that perfectly fine? Who knows, you readers can answer that for me.

I think I'd prefer talking to someone new in person anyways.

So while it was awesome to meet her and actually get to spend some time with her, to go from stranger catching my attention in a crowded room for unknown reasons to being able to spend time with them to finding out they are indeed an awesome person, I just can't help but wonder if something is supposed to come out of these chance meetings?

Or on the other hand, that it would be a waste for something not to come out of it?

This kind of thing has happened to me a few times over the years, I still remember a very special girl I met once many years ago who I only spent 1 day with and have never seen nor heard from again. I still think about her every now and again, it was a similar situation to the one I just explained above. (She even named my car on that day hehe, I proudly stick with the name even today in her memory).

Oh well, I guess it is just all coincidence and we should just keep these moments locked away as a fond memory.  A reminder that there are some truly amazing people out there.

I just hope I get to be friends with more of them.


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