01 August 2010

Researcher's Block

I am currently suffering from a terrible bout of 'Researchers Block'... which I believe is the colleague of 'Writers Block', the arch nemesis' to people everywhere who need to get words from thoughts to paper. Now obviously you could argue it is just laziness and I am procrastinating... which yes I could agree, I am always the first to admit of my procrastinating skills.  Come to think of it, the first post I ever wrote on this blog was in fact about procrastinating (I laughed at that realization!).

So yes while I am thoroughly practiced in that art my worry is in the fact that this particular spell has lasted 3 weeks now... 3 weeks!  It was about 2 weeks ago I was expressing (somewhat unstably) my piling workload, establishing that if there ever were to be an ideal time to procrastinate, now would definitely not be it.

I have no idea how to get around it.  I have a 4000 word literature review to complete, something I promised my Honours supervisor I would have complete by last week 'at the absolute latest'.  To be honest as I am sitting at my University library in the attempt to get some of it done without any of the distractions present at home, I have done a measly 510 words.  Doomed I tell you!

Hmm, this isn't something new I guess.  I have worked like this throughout my entire schooling and somehow every single time things just work out.  Keep the faith perhaps?  I worry for the day that that faith fails me haha.

Well the library is about to close, I've spent 2 and a half hours here and didn't write a single word on my research.  Oh well, time to go home and continue my The Big Bang Theory marathon.

P.S Oh yeah, I seen a shooting star whilst at a party last night, pretty cool I guess.  I wonder if my wish will come true.


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