22 August 2010

"Procrastination" - The Documentary - Part One

I work ridiculously slow at whatever work I do... I don't know why.  Well, I guess that is a lie, I know exactly why haha.  Hence this very instance as a perfect example where I am typing up this post whilst at the University library where I am meant to be writing my 3000 word report that is due tomorrow... oh and don't forget that I wrote the previous post today as well, again whilst at the University while I am meant to be writing the 3000 word report that is due tomorrow.

In an effort to procrastinate (well, not that it is an effort, but whatever), I would like to take my procrastination even further by taking the time to document my procrastination.

Genius isn't it!

So, let's start from the beginning.  I have a report due on Monday (tomorrow) that I had completely forgotten about and only remembered it a few days ago (Thursday to be exact).  It is a 3000 word literature review about a topic I have no interest in (data mining for you IT savvy readers).  Since the remembrance I have spent all day Friday working on it... meaning I took the day off work, went into Uni at 10am and left at 6pm... and managed to write 157 words.  Woo go me!

Yeah... that is pretty bad...

Anyways, I was going to spend all day Saturday (yesterday) working on it as well but... crazy stuff happened Friday night which meant I wasn't able to work the next day.  Alas we arrive at today... it is currently 4.34pm to be exactly and I have been here since 11.30am.  Tabbing across to my report now I have... wait for it... wait for it!

...363 words!

"Ceellllibrate good times, come on!"

What have I done all day?  Or, to elaborate... what did I do all day Friday and all day today that has lead me to that grand total of 363 words?  I have NO idea!  It just disappears... well I guess writing blogs doesn't help.

Or does it?

I'd like to argue that writing blogs helps with my... writing.. skills.  Writing skills are needed when writing reports, yes?  There we go, consider this practice.  Still... writing blogs doesn't get literature reviews written... I guess.  Meh, life goes on.  Anyways, the library is about to close in 15minutes (as the automated announcement over the PA system insists on reminding me...) so I have prepared this blog for tomorrow so I can document my progress... or lack of.

Tune in tomorrow for more exciting "Procrastination" - The Documentary!

(Part two can be found here)


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