24 August 2010

"Procrastination" - The Documentary - Part Two

*imagine the voice of David Attenborough*
"Today, we would like to welcome you to Part Two of the brilliant Blogspot series... Procrastination.  Yesterday we witnessed an amazing display of pure lack of willpower, lazyness and just general stupidity that our fascinating Human subject can bare.  In my 35 years of watching, studying and analyzing the behavior of creatures from all over the world I have never seen anything quite so remarkable.  So I welcome you to join us for what day two might have in store."

Well I am hope you enjoyed that introduction by the legendary David Attenborough (although he exaggerated with those adjectives if you ask me), let's bring you up to speed shall I.  It is currently 12.44pm Monday, I have been at Uni since 10.45am... in that time I have bought some lunch, waited in line at the ATM, chatted on Gchat to Martyn and Sabrina, read the news and emails of the day and then ran into my friends Mark and Kathy and chatted to them for a while.  A productive day!

To start from the beginning of this documentary please begin at part one here =)

We start the day at 477 words, the report is due midnight tonight... I have 11 hours to go... lets go!


Currently 2.34pm, if you include the references in the word count, which I am, I have 847 words! (Note without references only 505).  Since then I found my friend Dan who I haven't seen in ages so there was a brief chat with him, as well as, and this part is highly important to the process of any work, setting up a music list to listen to!  I could feel the productivity levels increasing as Taking Back Sunday - One Eighty by Summer was played on a loop 5 times over =)


3.54pm... damn I am so hungry... why don't I ever think to bring food with me?  Well Dan and our friend Jess have left now so distractions have dropped for the time being, leaving me to type out some solid word amounts in the last 30 minutes.  I am now at an impressive total of 1,152 words... nearly half way!  By my calculations I have roughly 8 hours until the report is due... wow that seems like such a long time now that I think about it.  Not in the sense of 'oh wow, 8 hours, I have plenty of time...'.  More in the sense of 'I know I am going to be here to at least 11.55pm... that means 8 more hours sitting here'.

Well, it wouldn't be a documentary about procrastination if I wasn't procrastinating!  And don't you worry, I'll procrastinate like the best of them!

Time for lunch!


Alright I am back from lunch... throat is killing me... that sausage roll was ridiculously hot but it was taking too long to cool down so I ate it anyway.  It is currently 5.32pm with my current word count totally 1,447 which is actually pretty good (keeping in mind that is including references).  Another 1,500 or so and I'll be set... sigh.  Moral is definitely starting to fade about now... the library is barren (I enjoy it when there are other people working late around me).  The problem with this specific report unlike others I have done in the past is that it is about a topic I know very little about.  Usually when I have been in times like this I can pump out around 1000 words an hour easy just off the top of my head... this time I actually need to sit down and look at my reference material to find stuff to write (as opposed to my usual technique of writing the whole thing and then gathering reference material so it looks like I did some research).

6 hours before the deadline, lets see what happens!




I don't even know how many words I currently have... or how many words I have to go.  My eyes are too tired to comprehend the screen anymore.  I went home at 8pm, by bus, to have dinner with the intent of finishing the rest of this at home.  Problem was I got home, ate dinner, watched an episode of Dexter with my housemates (they are up to season 4, I know what happens at the end as I've watched it before but seeing the season again is bringing back memories of that completely unnecessary season ending!) then realized my laptop doesn't have Microsoft Word... yay go me.

Sigh... so I drove myself back to Uni, hence that is my current location at the moment as I sit in one of the 24 hour computer labs filled with the freakiest and shadiest looking Uni students I have ever seen.

I am completely running out of things so write in my report... soon I would of been at University for 12 hours... 12 hours!  Must... press... on...


That brings us to the end of days Procrastination.  The results?  Did I manage to write the required 3000 words?  Did I hand it in on time? What time did I get home?  Did Brittany Spears learn how to sing? Who died in Home and Away this week?

All will be revealed in part three of 'Procrastination"! (Which I will write tomorrow because I am ridiculously tired to do now ha...ha...zzzzz....)

(Part three, the grand finale, is here!)


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