05 August 2010


Woo! Super hyper right now! I just got back from playing my first game of indoor soccer! It was the absolute best fun!

For years now I have always wanted to be a part of a team sport and, like the typical old me, I just never got around to it.  This year however is a completely new me where I am always up for something new and exciting.  A few months back I joined a field hockey team... it was, eventful, and lasted all but 2 and a half games before... circumstances arose and I stopped playing ha...ha....

Indoor soccer has gotten me so psyched though! I am a little unfit lately due to my winter-studying for Honours-working full time hibernation but I managed to last the whole game with only semi-jelly legs running style, but just being active again reminded me of how good it feels to be fit and healthy... like I used to be last summer.  And the summer before.  Basically every summer until it goes down hill in time for winter haha.

And tonight I was even able to walk around in a t-shirt... a t-shirt! I have forgotten the feeling, usually the cold is so intense that not even layers is enough.  This concludes to only one thing... summer is near!

My absolutely favourite time of year!

I might leave this post here before I ramble about absolutely nothing further, although I do have some pretty epic news about my dream to move to New York some day.  But alas, a story for another day!


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