05 September 2010

Luck for sale?

Sigh, it appears that the world is against me these last few weeks, I am really in need of some luck. 

Please note that this post is not written for sympathy, it is written purely for myself so I don't explode =)

My Honours study is coming close to an end with a mere 7 weeks left before my Thesis is due on October 22nd... and how much have I written so far? About 500 words... sigh. I'll get it done though, I am strangely calm about the whole process (ignorantly so perhaps?).   My research went very well and I have some great results to go off, it is just the process of sitting down and actually writing the words is where I seem to lack any shred of motivation.

That however is not the pain of my existence at this taxing, hectic and essentially life defining moment of my life.  Uni work I can deal with, the trouble is trying to deal with it whilst having to deal with 10 other, often times completely unnecessary, events concurrently. 

It's funny actually because I was thinking about these things just last night while driving home from my parents house... it wasn't until today that everything pushed me over the edge (hence this post, figured I should write it down instead of bottling it all up inside).

My unlucky list:
1. Broke my iPod... yay.  Well it wasn't even mine to begin with actually as my awesome friend Sabrina lent it to me (about 8 months ago haha), but having music with me wherever I go is pretty much mandatory these days.  So yes, currently in the process of acquiring another...

2. Problem #1 is related to problem #2... because I have so much work to do at University I have cut my days at work down to a mere 2 days a week.  This means a massive slash to my weekly pay check, couple that with the expenses of living out of home and I am on a very tight budget... ($25 in my bank account at this very moment hehe).  Just more drama to deal with.

3. For anyone who knows me personally will know that my laptop is one of my most prized possessions... if I could marry it I would =P. I bought it 2 years ago for a hefty $3,300... which yes I know is an insane amount of money but its purchase is justified.  It has served me exceptionally well... until the other day.  I reinstalled my operating system for a fresh start and now, for absolutely no reason, all my video games stutter.  My favourite and most effective stress relief hobby is now in peril =(

Being in I.T I know what I am doing with computers but this one just has me stumped... I just don't have the time nor the patience right now to deal with it meaning I will have to wait quite a while before I can start playing games again. Ouch.

4. Thus we arrive at today where everything got a little too much... 

I really love my job, I have some awesome friends there, the environment is relaxed and friendly, the work is challenging and rewarding.  My current project however is absolutely ridiculous... it is overly complicated, large and the documentation I need to follow is beyond useless.  Couple that with the fact that I only work twice a week now means I am making little to no progress, obviously making me look bad...

My supervisor comes around expecting some progress and I have literally nothing new to show.  It is just annoying because the documentation I need to read so I can understand how I am meant to complete my task I swear was written by Russians or something, it makes no sense.  I spend hours on Google but that just seems to create more questions rather than answers... sigh.  I know I won't get fired or anything but still, I just hate having even more stress to combat.


Troubling times, hoping it turns around soon. I guess I am just in one of those moods where it seems like everything that can go wrong, will.  It will pass at least I know.

As a side note as I sit here writing this post... where is our summer weather!?  Winter (in Australia) has passed... yet just when it starts to warm up we have just experienced our biggest floods in 15 years.


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