09 August 2010

It makes you stop and think

I was going to post yet another one of my pointless posts but something far greater and more respectable than myself came to my attention.

Just stopping by one of the blogs I follow I came across this sad post on The Gravel Farm, something that has made me stop and think and in truthfulness has rattled me slightly.

Recent news has reported that 10 people were killed while providing health care to those in need in remote areas of Afghanistan, one of which was Dr Karen Woo.  She is actually a member of the blogosphere having her own blog documenting her dangerous travels while she helps those in need.  I had never seen her blog before nor had I heard of her before, but after spending some time reading her blog I can already tell she was an absolutely amazing person and her death is a complete waste.

When you stop and think about it, I don't know about you but I know for me at least that it doesn't really hit me as hard as it should because, as sad as it is, we are in our modern society a little desensitized to hearing news such as this.  Every day there is reports of this sort of thing, mostly in some far off distant country, but it is still real none the less.

So while we can sit here in our nice warm rooms, with our cheap electricity to power our computers, while we read our blogs with a cup of tea, I believe that taking the time to think about the world outside your own could go a long way, to acknowledge that their are amazing people doing extraordinary things for no personal benefit, living lives that can, nay should, make you stop and simply go 'wow, now that's amazing, my deepest respect and admiration goes out to you'.

We need more people like Karen Woo.

Apologies for the bleakness of this post, I just felt that sharing the memory such a great person was deserved.


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