29 July 2010

I get this way sometimes

Well I am banned from social technologies still (story for another time), which of course includes Blogs (which is killing me the most) so alas I shall resort to sending an email to myself (which I guess is still within the rules hehe).

I have just finished watching one of my all time favourite movies 'Stranger Than Fiction'... far out that movie gets me going haha.  Feeling on top of the world again, knowing my fate driven life is in fact, fate driven.  Haha no doubt about it.  It always has been that way, it always will be, and best part is I know that all the bad stuff happens for a reason, and that the good stuff is just around the corner.  It is giving me a break, I reckon.  A break from the good stuff so I can have more time to concentrate on my Honours work.  Because think about it, it is hard enough for me to do my Honours work as it is let alone when I have cool activities going on at the same time!

Although to be honest, I do seem to be struggling a little lately to get it done... I just feel like something is missing, something not quite right that seems to be stopping me, like physically stopping me, from continuing with my work.  A writers block if you will... which I guess coincides with the movie I just watched perfectly... fate strikes again perhaps? Of course it does.  Hell, if I could be even half as cool and eccentric as the lady in the film I would be a much more fulfilled person.  There needs to be a 100 times more people like her in the world, there is so many boring people... space fillers and resources wasters if you will.  Clogging up our society with their superficial nonsense about what to wear, where to shop.  Drinking far to much and thinking far to little.  It is a shame, but alas, as someone very important to me recently said "We have created pathways for ourselves at least".

Indeed we have, indeed I have, with my pathway only just begun, forever changing in fact... which makes it both scary and exciting at the same time, not knowing where life is going to take me.  Or where I am going to take my life!

I am full of dreams and ambitions lately... well, even more so then usual I should state.  This year, I am doing my Honours degree... well, it is hardly 'this year' anymore now is it?  We are just about August already!  That makes a short 5 months before the end of the year, an extremely short 3 months before my 70 page Thesis is due to which I am then free to move on to the next chapter of my life.  Where to go? What to see?  What to do?  The possibilities are endless! 

I want to live in New York.  Don't ask me why, I don't even know myself.  But I do so that's that.  I like the way I live my life, it seems to be so different to everyone else.  Which is a shame, and very annoying.  Unlike many, or most, nay majority, when I want to do something I actually go do it.  Yep, wow, I bet that philosophy on life just blew your mind.  Ha jokes, but seriously, give it a go... come on now, don't be negative like that.

Stop reading, think to yourself "if I had the chance to do something cool this month, what would I do?"

Go camping? Sleep on the beach for a night? Randomly fly interstate because you heard of a cool festival that was currently on?

Go for it! Work, money, commitments, they are nothing! Superficial constraints inflicted on us by our modern shackled society.  Take a day off work, or two.  Hell, lets make it a week.  Do something worth blogging about.

Or... well now that I think about it, there are a lot of people within the blogosphere that actually do cool stuff.  Hmm, I guess my gripe is with the non-bloggers, the non-creatives, the mundanes.  I wish I could meet more exciting people.

It appears I have lost my train of thought, or whatever it was that I had.  I always get a buzz when I start thinking about fate and life and fun and the future.  Although, as the very important person to me that I mentioned a few paragraphs above also made me realize is that I seem to live too much in my daydreamed future and not enough in my current reality.  Oh well, we can always dream. =)


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