02 December 2009

Peter's 21st

Best. Party. Ever! I cannot sum up in words how much fun this party was lol, and how unexpected it all turned out!

I will start from the beginning... ahem. =P Peter is one of my best mates (well, kind of, not sure anymore.. ok he is a friend of some sorts at least lol) and Saturday night just gone was his 21st party. My group of mates (mates I have been with for about 9 years now) have been day dreaming about each of our 21st parties for years now... but due to all the stuff that has happened this year (namely my situation, betrayal, loss of friends)... our original group is close to breaking point, so I wasn't really looking forward to this party at all (nor Jason's 21st which is this Saturday...). Which now that I think about it is such a shame, and is pretty messed up... anyways.

Of course 'them' were going to be there as well... fucking yay... this was to be the second time I am to see them in person (although I still refuse to talk to them, see that decision at 'The time has come. Step up.'), but it is still a hassle having to avoid them as I really don't want to be amongst a circle of people chatting with them in the mix...

Night started out pretty boring, I started really slow on the drinks (Sabbi drove), and made pathetic chit chat to whoever was around me. Not very fun at all lol. It picked up a little bit when I was in the garage with about 5 friends, and 'they' were out of sight in the back yard.

Finally like 11pm the cake got cut (to which I then tried to leave but Sabbi wouldn't let me lol)... so I grudgingly stayed, with the help of a few beers. After that I am not sure what happened between then and time to go home (not because I was drunk)... just one moment I am in the garage chatting with a friend, the next second it is 4 hours later at 3.30am, I am off my face laughing my absolute head off with a circle sitting around me, and Sabbi is telling me it is time to go home haha =D

Those 4 hours were just... no idea lol, the absolute best! I haven't laughed so hard in years... one of the key people on the night was a long time friend of mine, Samantha (who is one of rebecca's old best friends from back in the day) who is now a good friend of mine. We laughed so hard, I can't even remember what about lol.

Sabbi offered to take Sam home with us, which meant for another fun drive home (much like one of our last great drives home, which Sabbi documented here). To start off, apparently I shotgunned driving haha! This part has slipped my memory though. She obviously said no, to which I protested and fought her for the keys lol. She won so as you do, I cracked it. Yay for adult tantrums!

I sat in the back seat with Sam which was HILARIOUS fun! We got Maccas on the way of course (can't have a drinking night without it!), which just added to the fun.

Sabbi: "Can I have a chip?"
Sam: "Yeah sure" (goes to pass her one)
Me: "No that's not how you pass a chip!" (chips away! haha!)

(Picture: One of the chips that we found upon inspection the next day)

We dropped off Sam to her house, then on the way to mine (and this is my favourite part of the night lol) I threw an 'unknown object' out the window while we were driving lol. The reason I say unknown is because it is just that, unknown. I can't remember what it was, all I know is that it came from Sabbi's car haha! I tried really hard to remember in the morning... I keep thinking it was an apple, but I don't think there were any apples in the car. Oh well, one day I am sure Sabbi will realise something is missing lol.

One of the best nights I have ever had, and completely unexpected!


sabbii said...

Lol yay for adult tantrums hahaha
NO WAY i was letting you drive.

Plus iv come to terms with the fact we shall never know what mystery object you threw out my window.

Out of Sync said...

Haha I bet I still could of driven better then you =P

yeah... I cannot remember what it was, I remember laughing as the wind caught it though lol.

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