23 December 2009

My week

I haven't got anything in particular to talk about today, for a change there hasn't been a lot happening lately, well nothing eventful at least.

My weekend was very quiet as I spent the entire time home for the first time in months, I always seem to have parties to attend or have plans made, but this weekend for some reason my schedule was completely empty, which was surprisingly perfectly fine by me =)

If you were unaware that I am in fact a computer programmer/games developer by training, fresh out of my University degree and am currently working full time as a software developer.  Damn that sounds so nerdy haha... sounds even worse when I am at parties.

*talking to hot chick*

"So Aaron, you studying, working?"

"I'm working full time as a software developer at the moment"

Their eyes usually glaze over a little at this point as they realize they don't know what a software developer is, or even worse, they do know what it is but they don't approve lol.

"Oh, I see.  That's computers yeah?..."

"Yep... can I get you another drink?"

Lately I have been spending my time on a home project (yet another project started, let's see how far I get with this one) of creating my own backup program to backup all my files with a click of a button, as I was sick of doing it manually =P  Spent an insane amount of time working on it over my free weekend, up to about 500 lines of code so far.  Hmm, why don't I talk about my interests more often?  I am going to start soon, be warned though that it might make absolutely no sense, or be completely boring... or both lol.  It is still in very early developments at the moment, will probably release it once it gets into a stable version.

Answer me this people: "There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't" - Unknown

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my work colleagues for our annual Christmas lunch, which I love every time (I love my job =D).  Peter (my boss) pays for the entire thing, and we always go somewhere really fancy.  This time we went to a French restaurant which to my surprise turned out fantastic, the venue was amazing as it overlooked the bay by Geelong.  Our usual work attire is... well I was going to say smart casual but these days we all just wear shorts, t-shirts and thongs lol, so yesterday we opted to wear suits, great fun!  I used to really hate suits, they were uncomfortable, looked strange (on me at least), and I always thought people who wore them gave the impression that they are rather bland and probably have pretty strict and humorless personalities.  (A completely unverified accusation I know lol).

Last year though I had quite a lot of occasions where a suit was mandatory so I have actually grown accustomed to it a little.  And if I say so myself, damn I look good in one =P  People treat you different when your wearing one also, strange indeed.  I might wear one on my trip to Singapore just for the illusion it creates.

The lunch also marked our second last day of work for the year so I now have 10 days off work starting from today woo!  Count them, 10 whole days!  A whirlwind of ideas have been floating around of what to do on these precious days, currently the leading idea is a trip up to Sydney with Sabbi to camp by the beach for a few days, sounds good to me! 

Christmas tomorrow yay lol... should be good, will be hanging with my cousins all day which is awesome as most of them are my age, a good game of cricket is in order =).  One thing I do enjoy is giving a present that a person genuinely is thrilled to receive, and I think I have a pretty good track record of fulfilling that goal.  This year my sister and I have combined forces and have gotten mum and dad a ticket on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.  Basically it is a restaurant on a tram (who would of guessed lol) that travels around Melbourne city while you dine, they will love it =)

For my sister I have told her I will pay for her tickets if she decides to come to Singapore with me, which after many weeks of wavering interest, has decided she doesn't want to go lol.  So instead her and I are going to Queensland for a few days sometime in January, with a few days spent at my Aunties house in Sydney on the way back.  Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef anyone? =D

And that concludes my last few days of life.  What a strange post, no humour, no memorable event, no bad luck, no reflection... it just doesn't... feel right, to have such an uneventful week.  It's scary lol.  I blame Christmas.

Have a good Christmas everyone!


sabbii said...

You cant blame christmas

Martyn Roberts said...

Don't do the great barrier reef snorkelling, just go on a glass bottom boat tour, one that does beer is the best :)

Snorkelling you just get stung to hell by massive jellyfish and scared to death by giant shark looking fish!!!!

If you do decide on snorkelling, may I suggest that you watch the movie "Open Water" first, it may change your mind. lol

Out of Sync said...

I can blame Christmas and gladly will.

Have you had a bad experince Martyn that I should know about haha?

I have snorkelled at Fiji before and loved it, although I did get stung by some crazy tropical fish and got a nasty infection on my finger lol...

However a boat with beer does sound inticing lol.

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