05 December 2009

Eventful journey home

Crazy is the word that describes my journey home last night lol... let me explain.

Last night I was at a pub called Bridie O'Rielleys for a good friend's 19th party (Sabbi was with me) which turned out to be an awesome night... shots all round! lol. I had these shots called Doughnuts which are actually pretty awesome, as well as pints of beers (haha pints are the best invention ever!), but I was pretty sober which was a nice change, met some new people, good times all round.

Quote of the night "Sabbi, come on, who has the more moneys?"

Speaking of new people, I met this awesome Russian by the name of Demetri, funniest guy ever lol. He reminds me of a splitting image of Chris Waitt from the movie 'A Complete History of My Sexual Failures' both looks and behaviour, although way more upbeat. He was a great guy, reckons he has just come to Australia about 4 months ago, applied to 400 jobs (apparently) and finally managed to get a job at Harvey Norman haha. He even came to Bridie's on his own as he had just finished work and decided to stop by haha! Aww I feel bad now, I remember him mentioning he has no friends here in Australia, I could of been his friend.

Roughly 2am or so Sabbi, Shannon and I decide to head home, and what a journey that turned out to be. We were 5km or so from the city and since we had spent all our money for the night on drinks, we weren't able to afford a taxi therefore we had to walk to the city lol. Sabbi had freakin' towers for shoes on, which proved slow and painful for both of us... (painful for her for obvious reasons, painful for me because of how slow we were walking). Being the gentlemen I am, I offered that she wears my shoes and I'll walk the dangerous, shattered bottle filled streets in my socks.

Can you see what's wrong with this image?

The walk home consisted of a lot of running for some reason, I can't recall why. On the way we find and meet a girl called Vanessa who asked us for directions, I could tell something was wrong and asked her if everything was alright. Turned out everything was not alright, and she burst into tears! She had just come from a rather crazy ordeal involving psycho ex-boyfriends and the likes and was struggling to hold herself together. After some smartass jokes from myself, some kind words from Sabbi and a big group hug, she was back to her smiling ways =) By this stage we were about 1 or 2 km's from Chapel St (the street that Bridie's is on), which was the street Vanessa needed to get to, but as if we could let her walk that distance on her own, so we walked her back to Chapel St lol.

Haha there was a funny moment when I went to prank Vanessa's phone so she can have my number (in case she needed help later on)... however I accidentally pranked my other friend Vanessa... this was 2am lol. Oops!

On the way for some reason we decided it would be a good idea to all switch shoes lol.

Shannon trying desperately to feel like Cinderella with Sabbi's shoes.

Sabrina proving that variety is key. I think it's a good look.

With shoes back to normal (although I am still in socks) and Vanessa off to safety, we turn back around to walk to our original destination, the city. On the way (and I have to mention this to rub it in =P) Sabbi said some very harsh words to yours truly, so we were not on speaking terms for a little while haha. Then as good mates do we were laughing our heads off again, now in the search of some food and the Nightrider bus!

Oh yeah, if you tell a friend to distract a security guard while you want to sneak up to the second floor of the Maccas to use the bathroom (cause it is off limits at that time of night)... you would expect them to wouldn't you? Well, this was not the case, instead Sabbi just goes up and asks the security guard if I was allowed to, which he obviously said no... he then moved over to stand by the stairs to guard it with even more scrutiny after the tip off that had just been supplied to him lol...

We said our goodbyes to Shannon as he found his bus... which left Sabbi and I to guess roughly which bus we were meant to get lol. The bus ride was nuts! It was packed so I had to stand for most of it... then there was these really loud guys at the back of the bus which must of been angering some lone dude right at the front. The lone dude then snaps with the noise and runs to the back of the bus shouting at the loud guys, and they have this massive verbal argument haha...

We ended up kind of close to my house, and luckily with our remaining cash we got a taxi to my home for the remainder of the trip... with the coolest taxi driver ever! Shaved off like $3 from our fair and was actually pretty funny. So yes.. we finally made it home at 4.30am after about 2 hours of travel lol, great night!

The best things in life are always when you least expect it.


sabbii said...

It was a pretty awesome trip home. Lol "Who has the more moneys. haha swapping shoes lol.

Out of Sync said...

Indeed =)

A Book Unfinished said...

cool! sounds like a great end to the night! mine wasn't that eventful. i fell asleep in the car and woke up to ben being breathalised :P mwahahahaha
thanks again for coming guys it was an awesome night. those jam donut shots were AWESOME!! I couldn't stop talking about them the next day hahahahaha

Out of Sync said...

All I can say to that is, you should of been there! =P

Definitely have to join us for one of these adventures =D We can have even more donut shots too haha

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