04 December 2009

Just 'cruising' through life

A lot can happen in one day. You wake up in the morning, and if you've got the time you might even spend a little while running through what the day ahead of you will have in store. Well it seems that in one of my typical days, a lot more happens then most other peoples lol.

I was at work today and out of no where I get a call from Jason. That's strange, he knows I have work, why would he call now?

"Hey Jace, what's going on?"
"Aaron, I got a question for ya... would you be interested in going on a cruise?"
"Umm yeah sure I guess so, when abouts, where to?"
"It is booked for April 7th to the 17th, goes from Sydney to around the Vanuatu and surrounding islands, costs $1800 which includes a bunch of stuff, it's a P&O cruise"
"Booked? What you mean booked?"
"Haha well, me and Michael (another friend of ours) were chatting last night right, Mick's brother is going on this cruise and was telling us about it, sounded way awesome. Today Mick's mum went to the travel agency and booked us in! And we need 4 people or else we can't go because it is a package deal"
"Haha no way... umm, ok give me a few days to decide"

(Usually I would say yes without giving it a thought, but I am going to Singapore in a few weeks, and Thailand mid year, so the cost of all these holidays was starting to add up)

"Well, actually... we need to know by 4pm today" (at the time it was roughly 1pm)
"Haha your kidding!... ok I'll call ya back later"

Long story short, they had also asked Peter if he wanted to go (as they expected it to be hard to find a 4th person within such a short amount of time)... I called back to say yes I am in, they tell me that Peter had already called seconds beforehand and he had said yes already. Damn! I missed out! I was kicking myself soooooo bad! As I said, usually I wouldn't even think about it and jump right in... why the hell did I hesitate... well that's one lesson I am determined to learn.

But alas! Peter is notorious with being highly unreliable... there is like a 80% chance that when he agrees to go somewhere (fishing, movies, wherever), that he will cancel just before it is time to go. Jason knew this, so on the phone he says that Peter has already said yes, however we both know how he is like, so we will see if he is still in by the days end.

Within the hour he had already pulled out haha! I'm in! =D


Kitty Moore said...

I am so jealous (but also pleased for you!)

sabbii said...

Yay :) Cruise :)

Out of Sync said...

Wow my first ever comment from someone I don't know in real life! I feel special =P

I will definitely be keeping a log as the date grows nearer, and obviously will blog about how the actual trip goes =)

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