28 November 2009

Holidays? What are they?

Uni finished a while back now, I think my last assessment was all the way back on the 12th of November, so technically I am 'on holidays'. Although I am a little confused as I am yet to see these holidays that were promised lol. Currently I am working 5 days a week (which don't get me wrong, I REALLY like my job =D), but I have noticed I have fallen into a bit of a mundane routine.

Work 9 - 5, Monday to Friday, then Friday and Saturday nights are usually party fueled chaos, followed by the weekend which is mostly recovering from the previous nights, and not really having too much to do as it seems every friend I have works weekends (get a real job people!). I crave excitement and I really think variety is key, so, what to do about it?

I was pondering this today, and have decided (some have judged a little impulsively lol) to go to Singapore! Sweet! Why? Because I can basically lol... besides, to that I ask you, why not? =D

Why Singapore you may ask? No real reason now that I think about it, I couldn't really choose where to go lol. I didn't want somewhere tropical as Australia already has world class beaches... and I wanted to go overseas but not to the places I really want to go to (like Japan, Canada) as these places cost thousands and this is more of a mini trip rather then a full blown holiday.

When do I leave? Well... annoyingly it turns out my passport has expired so I will need to get around to renewing it (such an inconvenient technicality lol), then hmm... whenever I want I guess. I am currently estimating end of January, there abouts at least, will need to squeeze it in between my list of events for the summer.

Currently I am going on my own lol... no one else I know is as spontaneous as me (live a little guys...), but my sister has shown considerable interest so heres hoping! But if I go on my own I am not too fussed, I quite enjoy my own company these days.

Exciting stuff indeed =) I have been spending hours looking up spots in Singapore to go, I really want to experience the buzz of the capital, but besides that I haven't really planned much... I am contemplating just jumping off the plane and winging it the whole week until it is time to go home lol. Sounds like an adventure =P

I will keep you posted on the mini-Singapore-holiday over the coming weeks =D

Live more people!


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