30 December 2009

Spontaneous Camping Trip 09 - Part Two

This is part two (obviously) of my camping trip summary, which would logically prove that there had to be a part one to warrant a part two, which you can read all about here!

Day two started off a little shaky as I had for the past few days been experience a lot of memory flashbacks from my previous camping trips... to which 'they' were obviously with me.  The frequency of these memories seemed to intensify over night and I woke up with a battle raging within my mind, trying to forget my past but having far too many familiar things around me to make it easy to do so.  I started the morning sitting on my favourite chair underneath a shady tree to let my wander for a few hours, with ipod in ear, writing down what was on my mind.

 I ended up dozing off lol, but felt fantastic when I awoke, time for some adventure!

This, my blogosphere friends, is Baz!  Hmm, I don't think I have ever mentioned Baz on my blog before (shameful indeed), he is a major part of my life, we have gone on soooo many adventures =D

Which brings us to day two, and what an adventure that was!  I decided to go down some roads I had never been on before purely for the fun of it, which lead us to some pretty isolated dirt roads that clearly were not in the design considerations of my car model lol.

This was fantastic fun although hitting some big rocks and ditches did make me worry slightly, but I have complete faith that Baz can make it through!  He has been through much worse let me tell you.

Look how he blends so well with the natural environment.

Reaching the top of this huge mountain was worth it though, I reckon we must of drove 15km at a constant incline, Baz was giving it all he could that's for sure.  Here are some pictures once we reached the top.

An absolutely beautiful place, one that I highly recommend if you ever come to Victoria, Australia.  Here are a few more shots from our travels around The Grampians area.




This took up most of the day and after obtaining some more supplies (especially matches this time around) we headed back to camp to enjoy a nice fire with some toasted cheese sandwhiches, garlic bread and sausages!  Yummm now that's gourmet!

Oh AND my most exciting news of the trip was that I finally managed to sit down and write a game design idea =D  Which I guess won't make much sense to anyone who doesn't know me lol.  I design and create video games in my spare time (hopefully soon to be career, I have just finished my University degree a few months ago), but with such a rotten and hectic year I haven't been able to sit down and draw up any game designs for months now.  Every time I tried, my mind would be a mess and I knew I wouldn't be able to get creative again until I had cleared my mind enough, which would mean I am on my way to recovery from my situation mid-year.  So the fact that I managed to write one was monumental to say the least!

Quote of the day "Victory!  I killed a fly!  While I am still drastically out numbered I am hoping it will at least be a blow to their moral"

Day three meant it was time to go home.  I had a fantastic time and getting away did a great deal of good to my general well being, can't wait for my next holiday which is just around the corner =)

Get out there people!


sabbii said...

FWD BAZZ lol At least Bazz got a mentioned in this post.

I like the long posts. I guess maybe lazy people whom dislike reading would not like long posts. Although why even have a blog if you don’t like reading? The fact it was split into two wasn’t too bad, the start of this one made me laugh. Though if your going keep doing it to a lot of blog posts that’s more annoying than one long post. (That’s just my opinion)

Out of Sync said...

Oooohh I only -just- got what FWD was lol...

Yeah finally Baz got a mention =D It is long overdue, sometimes I think he deserves a blog all to himself.

And yes, I agree, people are lazy.

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